Album Review: Morphosys – The Saw Is Family (Witches Brew)

Combining death metal with thrash before sprinkling a little black metal over things too, The Saw is Family is the new album from Germany’s Morphosys & is out via Witches Brew on September 15th 2017.

Morphosys 1

The sound of a chainsaw starting up is what welcomes you to this hyper aggressive & intense metal offering. Carniwar explodes with pummelling death metal riffs played at a pace that can only be described as ‘impossibly fast’. Add vile guttural vocals & blazing hot drumming to the mix & what you have is an attention-grabbing start!

Unsurprisingly there are few moments where The Saw is Family allows you to relax. When it’s not trying to rip your head off via your ears, it’s dropping its thrash-groove heavily onto your skull like an anvil.

Torture Chamber has murderous intent thanks to the sickeningly heavy rhythm while The Walking Dead slows things down slightly but has a disjointed guitar style that keeps you on your toes.

The first half of the album is very listenable, not exactly offering anything new within the death metal sub-genre but certainly standing out from the pack thanks to the quality on show. Something that really rears its ugly, yet adorable (in its own way) head in the second half.

Quality like the ferocious Memory of the Insane, a track that is undeniably great with its stuttering riffs & super-fast solo. Quality like the rhythmic, almost hypnotic Todesengel & the ‘no fucks’ given approach to Corpse Grinder.

One of the most memorable death metal releases this year. Packed with brutality but wrapped up in groove & rhythm that sees it stick in the mind long after it has destroyed your resistance.

Morphosys 2

Morphosys – The Saw is Family Full Track Listing:

1. Carniwar
2. The Saw is Family
3. Torture Chamber
4. The Walking Dead
5. Storm of Blood
6. Memory of the Insane
7. Fleischeslust
8. You Shall Bleed
9. Todesengel
10. Corpse Grinder

Head over to Witches Brew’s website to order the album now & you can also pick it up via Witches Brew Bandcamp. Find out more about Morphosys on Facebook.

Morphosys - The Saw Is Family (Witches Brew)
  • The Final Score - 8/10
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