EP Review: Acid Blood – Dagger Eyes (JanML Records/Maja von Lobeck)

Released on August 25th 2017 via JanML Records & Maja von Lobeck. Dagger Eyes by Acid Blood is 3 tracks of straight-up, no nonsense thrash metal. With a bit of old-school punk thrown in to give it an even more intense vibe.

Acid Blood 1

Hailing from Umeå in Sweden, Acid Blood formed in late 2016. The band is made up of guitarist Karl Backman (AC4, T-55s, The Vectors), drummer Christopher Olsson (Crystal Caravan), bass player Adam Hägglund and vocalist Jojo Anderbygd.

The squealing vocals & thrashy riffs have a raw visceral feel to them but it doesn’t detract from the quality on show here. As old-school as they come but with a much more modern production.

Elements of old school heavy metal are littered throughout too such as the wailing guitar solo on Dagger Eyes & the rocking riff of Wartimes. The latter of the two here has a much more punky snarl to the vocals with a style similar to the likes of Motörhead creeping in. It’s the longest track of the three & easily the most inventive sounding thanks to the chunky bass echoes.

Short & to the point, it’s not easy to categorise Acid Blood based off this EP. So many different styles are pulled together to make a seriously memorable release. Based off this offering there are big things in the future of Acid Blood.

Acid Blood 2

Acid Blood – Dagger Eyes Full Track Listing:

1. Dagger Eyes
2. Full Speed Ahead
3. Wartimes

You can pick up the EP from JanML Records here & head over to Acid Blood’s Facebook Page & Instagram to keep up to date with news. You can watch some of their videos over on their YouTube channel here.

Acid Blood - Dagger Eyes (JanML Records/Maja von Lobeck)
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