Album Review: Moloken – Unveilance of Dark Matter (The Sign Records)

Unveilance of Dark Matter is the fourth album by Moloken, combining uncompromising modern hardcore influenced metal with overloads of melodies and despair. Hailing from the dark and cold city of Umeå in northern Sweden, every musical expression captured on the album has its own underlying story, inspired by the frozen and gloomy environment that constantly surrounds the band.

Moloken has previously released the albums “Our Astral Circle” (2009), “Rural” (2011) and “All Is Left to See” (2015), and has toured with bands such as Cult of Luna and This Gift is a Curse. They’re now set to release “Unveilance of Dark Matter” through The Sign Records on January the 31st.

With brooding intensity, Moloken’s initial approach is a little more restrained then what you might expect from modern hardcore influenced metal. It turns out though that they’re just building to chaos as This Love Is A Curse becomes Surcease and all hell is unleashed.

A mental battering, the gloominess Moloken portray in their despair-fuelled hardcore metal is down-right sickening. Shadowcastle, Hollow Caress and Venom Love making up a middle portion of gut-rumbling and mind-melting metal.

With plenty of variety but still heavily focused on shadowy brutality, Lingering Demise is the most ‘melodic’ song on the album. The soft guitar playing blended with echoing bass twangs. Before Unbearable and the title track force Moloken’s vitriol down the throats of those that would deny them their voice.

Moloken – Unveilance of Dark Matter Full Track Listing:

1. This Love Is A Curse
2. Surcease
3. Shadowcastle
4. No Ease No Rest
5. Hollow Caress
6. Venom Love
7. Repressed
8. Lingering Demise
9. Unbearable
10. I Still Can’t Hear You
11. Unveillance of Dark Matter




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Moloken - Unveilance of Dark Matter (The Sign Records)
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