Album Review: Michael Schenker Fest – Revelation (Nuclear Blast)

Michael Schenker is a legendary figure in rock, one of the most gifted and influential guitarists of all time. His work with Scorpions, UFO and the Michael Schenker Group made him a hero to millions of fans and inspired a generation of musicians, including Steve Harris of Iron Maiden, Kirk Hammett of Metallica, and Slash of Guns N’ Roses. And with Michael Schenker Fest, an ambitious and unorthodox project featuring four singers with whom he has worked since 1979 – Gary Barden, Graham Bonnet, Robin McAuley and Doogie White – the drive to create new music is based on the same ethos that has shaped Schenker’s whole career.

Following on from the release of their successful debut album Resurrection, Michael Schenker Fest’s second studio album, Revelation will be released on September 20th 2019 worldwide through Nuclear Blast.

There is a deep meaning in the title and album cover of the new Michael Schenker Fest album, says Michael Schenker and continues: It illustrates my musical life at a glance with much to be revealed. Because of that I called the album ‘Revelation’. Another title for this album could have been Purity and Passion versus Greed and Corruption.

Of course there is an old-school vibe to Revelation, that’s to be expected but it doesn’t make this any less of an enjoyable listen. The upbeat rhythm of Rock Steady gets things off to a nice and positive start and it’s super catchy chorus will put a smile on the face.

Of course the album is dripping in riffs and solos. Almost always delivered with aplomb. Such as on the booty shaking Silent Again, the hard rocking The Beast in the Shadows and the old-school rhythm of Crazy Daze. Enough riffs here to fill an album and more yet Michael Schenker Fest just keep going.

Mostly high tempo all the way through, the energy exuded betrays the years within and makes for a much more enjoyable listen. Especially when the occasional flat/boring track comes along which there are one or two of here.

Overall though, Revelation is a great blast from the hard rock past that has enough relevancy to not make it sound dated. You would have to be very cold inside to not enjoy the chorus-driven We Are the Voice, the sing-along Headed for the Sun or the powerful Still in the Fight. The latter is the vocals at their strongest.

Michael Schenker Fest – Revelation Full Track Listing:

1. Rock Steady
2. Under A Blood Red Sky
3. Silent Again
4. Sleeping With the Light On
5. The Beast in the Shadows
6. Behind the Smile
7. Crazy Daze
8. Lead You Astray
9. We Are the Voice
10. Headed for the Sun
11. Old Man
12. Still in the Fight
13. Ascension




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Michael Schenker Fest - Revelation (Nuclear Blast)
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