Album Review: Lord Mortvm – Diabolical Omen of Hell (Helter Skelter Productions/Regain Records)

Hailing from Norway, Lord Mortvm is a mysterious new entity that plays unapologetically dark, drugged-out, and Satanic black-doom. The band’s debut album, Diabolical Omen of Hell is aptly titled, for it is indeed both totem and portal, journey and also destination. This beginning is your END.

Helter Skelter Productions (distributed & marketed by Regain Records) is proud to present Lord Mortvm’s striking debut album, Diabolical Omen of Hell, out on the 22nd June 2021.

Very bleak, very dark, very evil and very haunting. Lord Mortvm’s debut is something that stays with you long afterwards. Like waking up in the middle of the night after having a nightmare. You know it was a dream but try as you might, the horror stays with you as you try to lull yourself back to sleep.

The instruments rumble and grumble in doomy vibrancy, all while distant vocals scream and screech diabolically. This is what Altar Obscene presents and it’s a startling introduction to this entity. That Devil Doll is far shorter and much more animated is the next surprise before Omega XII kicks in with some truly evil sounding. The doom seeping out thickly, oozing out of every pore and coming across so very sinister.



It’s not getting any lighter with Children of Haze as the weight of Lord Mortvm’s riffs comes bearing down on the mind. Added eeriness, layered amongst the blackness, just enhances the feeling of being trapped inside their personalised hellscape.

Nothing is touching the slow and methodical guitar drawl of Sodomizing with Satan though. A mind-melting, almost psychedelic experience and the highlight of the album.

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The end is in sight though and it’s Lord Mortvm’s grandest and darkest effort. Merciful Lord is over 10 minutes of crushing doominess, rancid atmosphere and warped gloom. The encapsulation of everything sinister and dark about this band.

Lord Mortvm – Diabolical Omen of Hell Full Track Listing:

1. Altar Obscene
2. Devil Doll
3. Omega XII
4. Children of Haze
5. Sodomizing with Satan
6. Merciful Lord


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Lord Mortvm - Diabolical Omen of Hell (Helter Skelter Productions/Regain Records)
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