Album Review: Mean Machine – Rock ‘n’ Roll Up Your Ass (Fighter Records)

After eight years touring all around their country and after releasing two EP’s and three albums, Mean Machine, the power trio from Barcelona (Spain) have demonstrated that they have enough fire to melt a mix of Rock‘n’Roll and Metal Punk and blow their audience away.

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Inspired by the unquestionable Motörhead signature, among other Rock’n’Roll influences as Metallica’s “Kill‘em All”, Nashville Pussy or Zeke, the sound from Mean Machine is fast and aggressive, without losing that rocker feeling.

2019 sees their third album “Rock ‘n’ Roll Up Your Ass”, released in Spain through Lengua Armada in a very limited edition and later on internationally released through Fighter Records.

As hyperactive as a toddler that has had way too much sugar, Mean Machine move at a startling pace. Their new album is one rooted in old-school hard rock with a punk infusion and it doesn’t mess about.

Moving at a heady speed from the start, the wildness of the title track takes hold hard and begins to squeeze. It’s followed by a even faster selection that shows off the influences stated above. Nitrobitch, Right Behind the Eyes and Powder all move at a frantic and impossibly catchy pace.

Don’t expect any sharp turns or deviations on this road, Mean Machine know what they do and do it very well. It’s fun, it’s energetic but it is very samey. There is no escaping that and by time we hit Speed Patrol, it’s all beginning to melt together. A bit of an issue seeing as the album is only half over.

Don’t confuse similar sounding tracks with being bad tracks though, that’s not the case. In fact the dingy bar punk rockiness of Steamroll the Hammer, Hell of a Crossfire and Maniac are very enjoyable.

Mean 1

Mean Machine – Rock ‘n’ Roll Up Your Ass Full Track Listing:

1. Rock’n’Roll Up Your Ass
2. Nitrobitch
3. Right Between the Eyes
4. Powder
5. Don’t Mess Around With the Boys
6. Speed Patrol
7. Steamroll the Hammer
8. Faster
9. Hell of a Crossfire
10. Maniac
11. Ironclad
12. Don’t Mess Around With the Girls (feat Alba Karry)




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Mean Machine - Rock 'n' Roll Up Your Ass (Fighter Records)
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