Album Review: MaidaVale – Madness Is Too Pure (The Sign Records)

Since the release of their debut album ‘Tales of the Wicked West’ in August 2016, MaidaVale has toured Europe extensively. The live sound of MaidaVale has always leaned towards the experimental scene of the ’60s and ’70s, but with this new album, Madness is Too Pure they’ve taken that a step further. The new album will be released on the 23rd March 2018 via The Sign Records.

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The 60s and 70s rock label that come with MaidaVale is both a blessing & a curse. On the one hand it makes it easy to connect with their style of experimental & spiritual rock. However on the other hand it suggest a band that are going to sound dated already.

Sure, Madness is Too Pure has plenty of the old-school rock about it but it also crosses the line into prog resulting in a fairly fresh & interesting sound. At least once you get past opener Deadlock, a track that is disappointingly bland.

Oh Hysteria & Gold Mine turn it up though. The former a wacky & exciting trip with the latter delivering fantastic guitar rhythm & catchy, fiery vocals. MaidaVale have found their feet.

Does it get it right for the reminder of the album though? Not quite, although the band give it a damn good go! Walk in Silence is a sultry track, the bass cutting deeply through the wickedly hidden riffs & thundering drum beat. However, Spaktrum never really gets going even if the chime like effects & bass are pretty killer.

The latter part of the album doesn’t dip in mellow quality. With the soft beat, screeches of spacey guitar, bass plucking & seductive vocals of Dark Clouds near hypnotic. The 70’s infused effects of Trance & the rocking efforts of She is Gone.

This incredibly unique album comes to a close with Another Dimension. A track that keeps you off balance with its contrasting sounds. The guitars not even trying to harmonise & the vocals near spoken word. It’s a bit of a whimper rather then a bang, but fits nicely alongside everything else especially when it slowly drifts away.

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MaidaVale – Madness is Too Pure Full Track Listing:

1. Deadlock
2. Oh Hysteria!
3. Gold Mine
4. Walk in Silence
5. Spaktrum
6. Dark Clouds
7. Trance
8. She is Gone
9. Another Dimension

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You can order the album via The Sign Records here & via Bandcamp here. Order it via Amazon above & pick up earlier releases via Apple Music below. Find out more/keep up to date with news via Facebook, Twitter & Instagram!


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MaidaVale - Madness Is Too Pure (The Sign Records)
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