Album Review: Insect Inside – The First Shining Of New Genus (Gore House Productions)

From the Russian city of Zlatoust which overlooks the river Ay, famed for its creation of swords and sabres, beautiful instruments of death, comes the decimating sonic assault of Insect Inside.

Lured into the web of Gore House Productions, Insect Inside are now primed to unleash the fear infused death metal of The First Shining Of New Genus on an unsuspecting world. February 19th 2021 is the date decreed for the destruction of mankind.

An intro with some impact, the squelch of footsteps through what sounds like a swamp, leading to the cries of some poor victim sets the stage for Insect Inside’s The First Shining of New Genus. Focus on the filth, because that is what this band deliver in spates across nine rough and tough death metal tracks.

Aside from the aforementioned dirge spewed from the guitars (those squealing licks) and vocals, it’s the insane pace of the drumming that really stands out on Sickening Ground and Posthumous Grief. Instantly, it’s clear that this is an album that looks to devastate with a constant flurry of deep and dark death metal.

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Sometimes, in the case of the title track and For the Glory of Swarm, the band spit their poisonous bile out in short, sharp fashion. Where there’s literally no time to do anything but let the wave of destructive noise wash over and consume. It’s genuinely fascinating which is something you can’t always say about death metal.

Even when they do bring out a more ‘traditional’ length, it’s no less savage sounding. Revival of Godly Deformity, Derelict Sanity, Evisceration Through the Throat and Embalming for Chrysalis have all the tricks that Insect Inside have shown elsewhere but with some clever twists and turns. It’s been said already but it can’t be stressed enough just how much of what makes this an intense listen comes from the percussion.

It’s a blur of nauseating death metal and comes to its chunky end with one last granite-sized slab to crash upon the skull. Pulsating Earth doing nothing out of the ordinary but ensuring Insect Inside’s threat is fully realised. Those screams of horror at the start make a lot more sense now.

Insect Inside – The First Shining of New Genus Full Track Listing:

1. Intro
2. Sickening Ground
3. Posthumous Grief
4. The First Shining Of New Genus
5. For The Glory Of Swarm
6. Revival Of Godly Deformity
7. Derelict Sanity
8. Evisceration Through The Throat
9. Embalming For Chrysalis
10. Pulsating Earth


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Insect Inside - The First Shining Of New Genus (Gore House Productions)
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