Album Review: Kaupe – Cognitive Dissonance (Self Released)

Kaupe, an ambitious band with influences spanning decades, was born in 2016. The Florida-based project started life between two eclectic individuals whose propensity to riff off each other knew no bounds. Two years later, with two other equally talented members onboard, the group went on to release their début The Depths, which brought nation-wide recognition and shows with Andrew W.K. and Virgil Donati among others.

Now, after having hammered out an even hungrier record than last time, the band are ready to release Cognitive Dissonance on February 19th 2021.

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A progressive and imaginative instrumental release, Kaupe bring a ton of fascinating elements to the table on their brand new album. Beginning with the thumping groove and cinematic touch of Death Rattle. it’s a fiery opener.

The heat is kept on high for the frantic energy of the title track and the grandiose stylings of Luck of the Unlucky. Both with a frenzied approach to them but perfectly and confidently controlled. The latter does change the formula up though with a quality bit of slow melody that might have a listener or two raising their fist to the air.

Whereas the intermission of Cooper’s Dream might get an eyebrow raised instead. Yes, it is a track that is referencing Twin Peaks.

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With that little oddity out of the way, it’s back to the what Kaupe do so very well and that is deliver quality instrumental, energetic and heavy progressive groove. Simpatico, Head in A Bag, Cop Caller and Deuces. The middle portion of the album is very strong, not just in the head-banging department but with sophisticated melodies and clever use of effects dotted around here and there.

It’s almost nice to get something a bit more stripped back in places on Transitioning. Well, as much as it is possible for Kaupe to strip back. Easily the most epic sounding and the guitar solo just adds the cherry on top.

The end is in sight. Though not before one final hyperactive burst with Gunslinger and one final expansive and chuggy effort in Capsized. Both different in style but unmistakably Kaupe. From beginning to end, this album captivates. You’ll not want it to end and most likely be immediately hitting play again once it does.

Kaupe – Cognitive Dissonance Full Track Listing:

1. Death Rattle
2. Cognitive Dissonance
3. Luck of the Unlucky
4. Cooper’s Dream
5. Simpatico
6. Head in A Bag
7. Cop Caller
8. Deuces
9. Transitioning
10. Gunslinger
11. Capsized


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Kaupe - Cognitive Dissonance (Self Released)
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