EP Review: A Cunning Man – To Heal a Broken Body (Self Released)

Just over a year ago we were introduced to the one-man project A Cunning Man. Created by vocalist and composer Ged Cartwright. Inspiration came from Scottish life resulting in Practical Applications of Theurgy. A 3-track EP melding a number of metal styles together & all wrapped up in a wonderful Scottish bow.

We loved it & you can read our review here.

To say excitement was high for the follow up is an understatement. After all they made our list for the top 10 bands to keep an eye on in 2018.

We’ve waited & finally, on February 23rd 2018 we got ‘To Heal a Broken Body’, a new 3-track EP. An evolution of what Practical Applications of Theurgy offered.

Cunning Man 1

No longer just the work of Ged Catwright, Theo Le Derf joins on guitars & the difference is instantly noticeable. The whole EP just feels larger in scope but is just as exciting & detailed as the first release.

It is important to note that while there is familiarity To Heal a Broken Heart it is definitely an evolution. Lemegeton & the Leaden Saviour brings some hard-hitting guitar work, Cartwright’s impressive Scottish twang, moments of melody, a layer of progressiveness & the return of the spoken word sections by Gemma McCabe (I love these).

It’s a comforting opener as it shows the A Cunning Man project hasn’t lost the fire but is still moving forward & in the right direction. Picatrix & the Calcine Alchemist is proof of that as it encompasses a heavier sound, one that is reminiscent of the darker side of metal.

The second & just as impressive (if not better) EP comes to a close with Abramelin & the Silver Hand. A wonderful opening melody & the stunning power of Cartwright’s vocals will leave you open-mouthed before the most inventive track of the EP takes hold delivering a finale that leaves you begging for more.



Wow, just wow. This is a band that really deserves more attention. They’re ability to showcase inventive metal while retaining a truly Scottish feel is amazing.

Cunning Man 2

A Cunning Man – To Heal a Broken Body Full Track Listing:

1. Lemegeton & the Leaden Saviour
2. Picatrix & the Calcine Alchemist
3. Abramelin & the Silver Hand

You can pick up the EP now over on Bandcamp, find out more about the project on Facebook and listen on SoundCloud & YouTube.


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A Cunning Man – To Heal a Broken Body (Self Released)
  • The Final Score - 9/10
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