Album Review: Lucifer – Lucifer IV (Century Media Records/Sony Music)

The multinational heavy rock megalith from Stockholm, Lucifer is defined by their very heavy 1970s hard rock sound spiced with a good dose of proto heavy metal and doom rock. Since the first chapter (Lucifer I) in 2015, the group have gone from strength to strength both on record and in the live environment.

Although Lucifer III was only released in 2020, the band have used the pandemic to record yet another long player that rings in a new chapter and dives even further into the grand realms of colossal old-fashioned rock, with a severe morbid twist.

Lucifer IV is set to be released Halloween 2021 (October 29th, 2021) on Century Media Records/Sony Music.

Nobody embodies the words ‘sinister’ and ‘evil’ in rock music better than Lucifer. The band are synonymous with ritualistic darkness, malevolence and horror. However, their wicked approach is more relaxed, emphasised by the stunning vocals of Johanna Sadonis. Who beckons you to hell with her soft, powerful and calming voice. She is the devil and the rest of the band are the demons providing dark encouragement through a medley of hard rock, heavy metal and doom soundscapes.

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Lucifer have always been great at making music that makes you feel sexy and sinful, music that you can dance to and music that you head-bang to. Lucifer IV is no different but there’s an argument that it features some of their most accessible tracks ever. Tracks such as Crucifix (I Burn for You) and Cold as A Tombstone could get radio play, if not in this era, one once upon a time.

Though, be under illusions, this is still an album absolutely dripping in murky, gothic and malicious vibes. Who would want it any other way? Tracks like Archangel of Death, Mausoleum and Nightmare personify this stuff and no-one does it quite like Lucifer.

Of course, while all of that is crucial to making Lucifer their own thing, their talents in creating music that sticks can’t be underplayed. The hard rock stylings mixed with that 70’s proto metal sound and sprinkling of doom elements is consistently strong and varied. Considering the overall theme of the band, you’d expect some repetitiveness but that’s not the case at all.

Exciting and interesting all the way through, it makes getting in bed with the devil so much easier.

Lucifer – Lucifer IV Full Track Listing:

1. Archangel of Death
2. Wild Hearses
3. Crucifix (I Burn for You)
4. Bring Me His Head
5. Mausoleum
6. The Funeral Pyre
7. Cold as A Tombstone
8. Louise
9. Nightmare
10. Orion
11. Phobos


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Lucifer - Lucifer IV (Century Media Records/Sony Music)
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