Album Review: LOVEBITES – Electric Pentagram (JPU Records)

Japan’s iron maidens LOVEBITES are back with their third album Electric Pentagram, out on CD in the UK via JPU Records from 31 January 2020.

In a short amount of time LOVEBITES have thrashed their way halfway around the world in the pursuit of heavy metal. From being crowned “Best New Band” at the Metal Hammer Golden Gods Awards 2018, to wowing crowds at Download Festival and Bloodstock Open Air, and supporting DragonForce on their UK tour last month, the five-strong band refuse to slow down. Now, with Electric Pentagram on the horizon, LOVEBITES push forwards stronger than ever with this being their fifth CD released in the United Kingdom since their debut EP was unleashed less than 30-months ago.

Speaking on the album title, bassist Miho comments:

LOVEBITES is an electric pentagram. A pentagram is a five-pointed star consisting of five lines. It’s been an emblem that’s adorned amulets and talismans since ancient times as a symbol of protection. That’s why we felt Electric Pentagram is the perfect title for this album, we are five points brought together to protect heavy metal.

Back with a new release far sooner then most would have expected, LOVEBITES are on an upward trajectory. The last album, Clockwork Immortality went down very well amongst metal audiences (including us which you can read here) and they’ve been wowing on the stage too. We know, we’ve seen them and you can read a review of the last time here.

So can the Japanese headbangers keep the momentum going with Electric Pentagram?

Setting the bar early, at least in regards to speed and heaviness, Thunder Vengeance is LOVEBITES at their most thrashiest. The firepower of the guitars alongside the mortar shells that are the drums are very explosive. All while vocalist asami sings along with all the range of a Valkyrie leading the assault.

With no signs that they’re looking to mellow in the slightest, Holy War has a bit more symphonic bombastic-ness to it and a guitar solo that just slays. Golden Destination has such a great galloping set of guitars and drums, it makes the heart beat that little bit faster. Although the chorus is perhaps the best thing about it.

After a couple of grander sounding tracks it’s back to a more straightforward but equally as enjoyable head-banger with Raise Some Hell. The squeals of guitars are particularly on point. Today is the Day is fist pumping heaviness, where duelling guitar solos bring the epic. Whereas When Destinies Align is very focused on the powerful pipes that asami has.

Changing tactics momentarily, A Frozen Serenande is an apt title as it has a chillier approach and softer sound. A really nice song and welcome break from the faster tempo metal even if the last few minutes does increase the tempo.

Combining a meaty drum beat with more symphonic elements, Dancing With the Devil makes a play to be the catchiest track on the album. Followed by a couple of energetic head-bangers in the form of Signs of Deliverance, Set the World on Fire and The Unbroken. Each one as great as the last thanks to LOVEBITES’ ability to just keep going and going. The frantic riffing alongside groovy as hell rhythm and epic singing really makes the latter one of the albums best.

Which does lead us to the end and unsurprisingly, one final momentous metal effort that ticks all the right boxes for a LOVEBITES song.

The best LOVEBITES release yet? It’s certainly the most consistently great. This band can surely only get bigger and bigger when they’re releasing albums like this.

LOVEBITES – Electric Pentagram Full Track Listing:

1. Thunder Vengeance
2. Holy War
3. Golden Destination
4. Raise Some Hell
5. Today is the Day
6. When Destinies Align
7. A Frozen Serenade
8. Dancing With the Devil
9. Signs of Deliverance
10. Set the World on Fire
11. The Unbroken
12. Swan Song


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