Album Review: Giöbia – Plasmatic Idol (Heavy Psych Records)

The eerie day when 60s rock and neo-psych collided to the point of losing sight of their own essence, in an overwhelming and incessant soundtrack driven sprinkled with Italian subculture, that’s when Giöbia’s acid rock was born. This unique four-piece takes the listener into a world where the boundaries of reality are obsolete, and anything can happen. After their 2009 debut ‘Hard Stories’, the band set the foundations of a fruitful career with 2013’s ‘Introducing Night Sounds’, leading them to play major events across Europe. In 2016, the band releases their milestone ‘The Magnifier’, which propels them as one of the most influential bands in the underground scene.

Unstoppable, Giöbia will keep blowing minds by crafting ‘Plasmatic Idol’ due out February 7th 2020 on Heavy Psych Sounds.

A very psychedelic experience, the synthy rock eeriness of Parhelion conjures up images of horror fuelled dystopian futures. Where going out after dark is life-threatening and survival is all about who has the most powerful weapons. It’s a very cool start.

With a bit more rock to it, albeit a really unusual and chilled style, In the Dawnlight’s ethereal approach is very catchy. Before the short oddity of the title track bridges the gap between the former and the latter, Haridwar. The mellow vibes strong, the sense of being on a drug trip present before the comfort of a warm and soft bed takes you.

Sleep isn’t forthcoming though as The Escape haunts your waking dreams, Far Behind is eerie gold and Heart of Stone’s assails the mind with trippy colours. This very unique and fascinating release is over way too soon but does end with one final, more upbeat, unique tune in the form of In the Mirror House.

Giöbia – Plasmatic Idol Full Track Listing:

1. Parhelion
2. In The Dawnlight
3. Plasmatic Idol
4. Haridwar
5. The Escape
6. Far Behind
7. Heart Of Stone
8. In The Mirror House




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Giöbia - Plasmatic Idol (Heavy Psych Records)
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