Album Review: Lou Kelly – Junk City (Self Released)

Stylish and inventive, Lou Kelly first came our way a few years ago with his excellent ‘Scum Lords’ album and now, on the 13th October, he returns with his latest oddball release.

Entitled ‘Junk City’, what we have here is a fictitious revue musical soundtrack about a hedonistic, purposeless city that God forgot. Each song is a glimpse at the various lives swallowed by Junk City.

Lou Kelly 2

Interested? So you should be but be prepared for something unusual.

The title track and Catch A Cab gets the weirdness started immediately with what can be best be described as a mad mix of a jazz and punk style showtunes. The latter of the two having a much more urgent sound. It’s very strange but damn, is it interesting and more importantly, fun.

Cowboy Slick moves things to a dustier drawl that does conjure up images of swinging saloon doors in a city of excess. Take A Stroll is an upbeat and catchy tune, Sleaze Easy sells its name by bringing a form of sexiness to the forefront and Crap Crusader (All Bark, No Bite) is the part in the story where the action ramps up a bit more.

If you were on the fence after the first couple of tracks, you’ll either have checked out completely by the halfway point or be hopelessly addicted. There’s no second guessing Lou Kelly, it’s simply impossible to predict where he will go next or or what Junk City will reveal next.

Let the jazz-rock flow with the irreverent Cockroach Swing that could get a room full of the insects jiving along. Sandwiched in between Uncomfy Coffee Break and Flea Circus, two short tracks that don’t quite ignite the soul is the exceedingly strong Zoot Suit Wolf Pack. A personal favourite, the rocking beat truly gets the foot tapping along and it delivers a wickedly energetic punk soundtrack.

We’re not done yet though as the soundtrack to confusion arrives in the form of Juh Jee Juh Boo Boo. Boozy Woozy does a good job of making you feel like you’ve had a few too many. Winter Heat warms the bones with an fun club tune, whereas Sinning is Living is an intense slab to set up the finale of Blind in the Light. A finale that caps off such a bloody weird album with fireworks and confetti.

It’s not going to be for everyone but it’s their bloody loss! Lou Kelly has created a deliciously dark and twisted soundtrack to his creation, Junk City.

Lou Kelly 1

Lou Kelly – Junk City Full Track Listing:

1. Junk City
2. Catch A Cab
3. Cowboy Slick
4. Take A Stroll
5. Sleaze Easy
6. Crap Crusader (All Bark, No Bite)
7. Cockroach Swing
8. Uncomfy Coffee Break
9. Zoot Suit Wolf Pack
10. Flea Circus
11. Juh Jee Juh Boo Boo
12. Boozy Woozy
13. Winter Heat
14. Sinning is Living
15. Blind in the Light




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Lou Kelly - Junk City (Self Released)
  • The Final Score - 8.5/10
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