Album Review: Xoth – Interdimensional Invocations (Self Released)

Seattle space shredders Xoth have announced the release of their second full-length entitled Interdimensional Invocations.

The group’s fourth overall release reveals a mature, otherworldly sound that is vaguely reminiscent of Death, Bal-Sagoth, and Emperor. Xoth appeals not only to the aficionado of complex time signatures, key changes and melodic composition, but also to the good ‘ol heavy metal enthusiast.

Thematically, Xoth mixes themes including sci-fi, ancient mysteries, emerging catastrophes, and social commentary, lined with a layer of humour that is as magnetic as it is unsettling.

The album will be released on the 18th October 2019.

A chunky and stringy spray of vomit, Casting the Sigil comes hacking up from the belly of the beast that is Xoth. A technical slab of ferocity with death metal at its core but with added elements to make it all the more thrilling.

It ends and Mountain Machines comes out at the same speed and intensity. Although an epic guitar segment in the middle is something to truly behold. Whereas Back to the Jungle goes darker and moodier for its savage assault and Unseen Abductor swings hard and leaves a big dent.

The proficiency on show is marvellous but Xoth don’t waste it by trying to over-complicate things. Yes, it’s challenging and yes, it’s a grower but it is also just a head-banger of a metal album at its core.

With that in mind, Haruspex exemplifies the times when they take on a more ‘simplistic’ approach. Still brutally heavy and with twisting guitar lines, just a little more palatable off the first taste. Although the same can’t be said for Plague Revival 20XX. An ever evolving and beastly listen that is akin to having a flame-thrower blasting your brain.

Reaching unfathomable depths of guttural noise, The Ghost Hand of God kicks all kinds of ass and Interdimensional Invocations is capped off with the aptly titled, Melted Face of the Soul. Face-melting riffs, soul shredding vocals and bone-crushing percussion. A final and savage pulverising from Xoth.

Xoth – Interdimensional Invocations Full Track Listing:

1. Casting the Sigil
2. Mountain Machines
3. Back to the Jungle
4. Unseen Abductor
5. Haruspex
6. Plague Revival 20XX
7. The Ghost Hand of God
8. Melted Face of the Soul




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Xoth - Interdimensional Invocations (Self Released)
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