Album Review: Lord Of Pagathorn – Daimono Philia (Woodcut Records)

The second full length album from bludgeoning black metallers, Lord Of Pagathorn will be released January 31st on cassette & CD followed by an vinyl version on the 28th February. The black metal opus, Daimono Philia will be released by Woodcut Records.

Pagathorn 2

Lord of Pagathorn play raw, visceral & unrestrained black metal. There is no melodic verses, no catchy song-along choruses, no uplifting atmospheric drifts. No, Lord Of Pagathorn do one thing & do it particularly well. They play violent & aggresive old-school black metal that shares much in common with the likes of Gorgoroth & Immortal.

Once the pointless intro is out of the way, they unleash fire & brimstone. Not letting up for even a second. It’s ferocious stuff as Evil to Destroy Evil, Prayer Of Desecration and Builders Of the Higher Places deliver blazing hot riffs, raw screeching vocals & a level of drumming that is akin to an itchy infection that feels so good to scratch even though you’re making it worse.

It’s a hell of an effort but it does suffer from the issue of familiarity. Daimono Philia isn’t anything new or fresh within black metal. We’ve heard a few too many albums like this in recent time. It just so happens that Lord Of Pagathorn are up there as one of the better ones. Especially when you’ve got such heavy hitters as Rise of the Celestial Scythe & Spiritual Spiral Stairs.

Well worth taking a look.

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Lord Of Pagathorn – Daimono Philia Full Track Listing:

1. Intro: Nietzscherion
2. Evil to Destroy Evil
3. Ghosts Among Us
4. Prayer of Desecration
5. Rise of the Celestial Scythe
6. Builders of the Higher Places
7. The Spirit Of Perversion
8. Spiritual Spiral Stairs
9. Throne of Lucifer

You can order the album here and find out more about the band on their website and Facebook Page here.

Lord Of Pagathorn - Daimono Philia (Woodcut Records)
  • The Final Score - 7/10
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