Album Review: Konquest – The Night Goes On (Iron Oxide Records)

Classic and epic heavy metal band, Konquest have arrived to drag an old-school sound kicking and screaming into the year 2021. Their debut album, The Night Goes On will be released on January 8th 2020 via Iron Oxide Records.

Crack out the tight leather pants and dust off that mullet. It’s time for something with classic metal meat to it. An 8-track album that is all kinds of catchy and rhythmic. Where the riffs spray off like the sweat from a boxer after he has been hit in the head in the 9th round. Where the percussion and bass are akin to a war beat announcing the arrival of an army of hairy head-bangers. While the vocals play their part as the call to arms, the demand to raise your fist in the air and thank the gods for heavy freaking metal.

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It’s as old-school as you can get but unlike many others who look to modernise the sound, Konquest do a solid job of it thanks to a super-clean production. You can hear every little nuance in this band’s energetic and feel-good heavy metal offering.

Sure, it’s not likely to set the world alight but those hoping for a taste of a simpler time but still fresh and new will find themselves thoroughly enjoying what Konquest have to offer here.

Konquest – The Night Goes On Full Track Listing:

1. Theme of the Konqueror
2. The Night Goes On
3. Too Late
4. Keep Me Alive
5. Fall of the Konqueror
6. Holding Back the Tears
7. Heavy Heart
8. The Vision


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Konquest - The Night Goes On (Iron Oxide Records)
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