Album Review: Midnight Spell – Sky Destroyer (Iron Oxide Records)

Born amidst the Miami underground comes Midnight Spell, an unrelenting force of pure heavy metal in its truest form. Founded in 2017, Midnight Spell was created to carry the torch of real heavy metal and push the boundaries of the genre to its limits.

Following the release of the demo, “Between the Eyes”, the band is now ready to take their sound to the next level and unleash upon the world their first full length album, “Sky Destroyer”. The album is out on January 8th 2020 via Iron Oxide Records.

This is an album that makes you want to scream “Meeeeeeeettttttttaaaaaaalllll” in your best falsetto voice. It’s so true to the classic metal sound that it’s almost impossible to believe that this band aren’t 30 or 40 years into their careers.

Midnight Spell are part of the new-school doing an old-school thing and you’ll either love it or hate it. However, most will be at least able to agree that Midnight Spell do heavy metal well. From galloping riffing to frantic soloing to groovy bass hooks to soaring vocals and plenty of melodies. It’s all here and it’s all perfectly fine. There’s plenty of energy, plenty of fire and plenty of ability but… and this is a big but… there’s something just not that exciting about it.

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Maybe it’s because it really doesn’t have much in the way of variety or because it’s doing something we’ve been hearing in some way or another over and over again for decades. It just lacks a killer bite, something to really grab you by the collar and give you a big shake. Even if it does have classy head-bangers like Blood for Blood, Lady of the Moonlight and Headbang ‘til Death.

Midnight Spell – Sky Destroyer Full Track Listing:

1. Blood for Blood
2. Between the Eyes
3. Lady of the Moonlight
4. Midnight Ride
5. Mercy
6. Sky Destroyer
7. Cemetery Queen
8. To the Stars
9. Headbang ’til Death


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Midnight Spell - Sky Destroyer (Iron Oxide Records)
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