EP Review: Shatterface – Anodize (Self Released)

Digital death metal trio Shatterface have emerged from the metal scene of Sydney, Australia, with their sights set on conquering the “audio wasteland”.

Bringing forth a combination of old-school influences while embracing the technology of the present, this three-piece juggernaut is marching into the scene with big ambitions and a ton of musical power. Shatterface is unleashing its debut EP, ‘Anodize’ on November 22nd, 2023.

So, you might be wondering what ‘digital death metal’ is and wondering is it as stupid as it sounds? Well, the good news is that it’s basically just industrial but with a few twists and turns. Combining the darker side of the industrialised metal scene, with modern electronica, and punching with death metal intensity. As far as what we’re used to getting from the Australian rock and metal scene, it certainly stands out.

Four tracks long, Anodize pulls back the curtain on Shatterface to reveal a band heavily distorted by the realities of life. It’s a more personal record than many might expect, and that unflinching honesty is just another appealing aspect of their music.


All this being said, you’re going to need a pretty open mind and have some love of industrial metal to come away feeling super-satisfied here. Shatterface are an experimental band, and not all of that experimentation works, even if it does intrigue.

Regardless, they are doing something different and that’s always going to be admirable. Let’s see what the future holds, it’s likely going to be quite exciting and unique.

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Shatterface – Anodize Track Listing:

1. Bitter Days
2. Eternal Nothing
3. Devoid of Life
4. Sand and Blood


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Shatterface - Anodize (Self Released)
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