Album Review: Judicator – Let There Be Nothing (Prosthetic Records)

As with past releases, Judicator’s new album ‘Let There Be Nothing’ is a concept album, steeped in historical references and tales of the past. However, the blood pumping through the veins of the music is – as ever – rich with human emotion and rooted in universal experience, regardless of what era your fortune has dictated you dwell within.

The album follows Belisarius, a humble and renowned Byzantine general, on his campaigns to reconquer former Roman territories. While Belisarius is a master on the battlefield, his greatest struggle will be within. Political forces continually undermine his authority, and his wife’s infidelity will put both his faith and morals to the test. Let There be Nothing is a morality play framed within a sweeping, historical epic. Join Belisarius on his quest to reunite Rome and tame the human heart.

Let There Be Nothing will be released via Prosthetic Records on July 24th 2020.

Epic and progressive, Judicator have made a career out of changing the expectations of power metal fans. All while never straying away from the righteous and grand ‘core’ most associate with the sub-genre.

Let There Be Nothing continues the upward trajectory of the band as they showcase their growth and dedication to the sound. All while telling a glorious story in as much rich detail as they possibly can. As capable of lifting the soul into the air as it is capable of weighing down the mind. All through the sheer power of their heavy metal music.

With a galloping flurry of guitars and drums, Let There Be Light is a frantic start. Although it’s given time to breathe with a deep and meaningful ‘fist in air’ segment. If this doesn’t make you feel ten feet tall there might be something wrong.

The fiery tempo continues into Tomorrow’s Sun before Strange to the World brings the epic like a tsunami crashing down on a beach. Cooling melodies, almost ballad-like at first, when it does pick the pace up, it’s Judicator rising to meet any and all challenges they face. Only a fool would stand in their way.

What makes the grand epics stand out is that it’s not an album filled with them. Not every track needs to go over 8 minutes or more. Meaning there’s plenty of opportunities to just enjoy an energetic guitar-vocal one-two punch with the likes of Autumn of Souls and Gloria.

Although who could complain about a trio that come in at over 25 minutes together? The final triple part of this album as wonderfully detailed as anything that came before it. Hard and heavy riffing, incredibly powerful vocals, echoing bass hooks and the booming march of the drums. As a unit Judicator are special and Amber Dusk, The Way of A Pilgrim and Let There Be Nothing prove it without a shadow of doubt.

Judicator – Let There Be Nothing Full Track Listing:

1. Let There Be Light
2. Tomorrow’s Sun
3. Strange to the World
4. Autumn of Souls
5. Gloria
6. Amber Dusk
7. The Way of A Pilgrim
8. Let There Be Nothing



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Judicator - Let There Be Nothing (Prosthetic Records)
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