Album Review: Iron Angel – Emerald Eyes (Mighty Music)

German Speed Metal legend Iron Angel returns this year with the release of their forthcoming fourth studio album “Emerald Eyes“, which is set for release on October 2nd 2020 by Mighty Music.

Says drummer Maximilian Behr:

We wanted to improve in every way possible. On one hand we wanted to even further go back to the sound of “Hellish Crossfire“, but on the other hand we also wanted to play to our own strengths, rather than the ones of others and I think we really managed to do that. With “Emerald Eyes“ we married the past with the present at last and now we set our eyes onto the future.

A thumping chunk of thrash metal, where Iron Angel have one foot still rooted in the past heyday of that sound. Albeit put through a modern sieve to create a smoother and easier to consume blend of heaviness.

Driven by meaty riffs, high-powered solos and wild vocals that have a ton of snarl to them but are also capable of ear-splitting highs. Frantic all the way through, the galloping pace of their metal keeps things consistently exciting. With tracks like Sacred Slaughter, Demons and Sacrificed proving to be hotter than hell itself. Whereas tracks like What We’re Living For and Fiery Winds of Death are pure crowd pleasers with massive shout-along/sing-along segments and a good-time rhythm.

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There can be few complaints here, Emerald Eyes is top-shelf metal music.

Iron Angel – Emerald Eyes Full Track Listing:

1. Sacred Slaughter
2. Descend
3. Sands of Time
4. Demons
5. What We’re Living For
6. Emerald Eyes
7. Fiery Winds of Death
8. Sacrificed
9. Bridges Are Burning
10. Heaven in Red
11. Dark Sorcery


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Iron Angel - Emerald Eyes (Mighty Music)
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