Game Review: Which Stall? (Mobile – Free to Play)

This review was written for version 1.0 of Which Stall?

Which Stall? is as basic as they come & another in a long line of ‘horror games’ that has one trick & one trick alone…to make you jump.

Stall 1

You need to go to the toilet. Bad enough that this dimly lit, dirty & eerie bathroom is what you’re gonna use. Now you just have to choose which stall to use. Choose wisely though as something evil & ‘jump-scary’ awaits behind one of them.

Stall 2

The aim of the game is to choose a safe stall over a period of 9 days. Survive 9 days & you’ll have beaten the game. Choose poorly & it’s game over in an instant as your eyes are assaulted by supposedly scary images that go on for far too long.

It should be pointed out that scary images aren’t so scary after you’ve had to stare at them looping for 10 seconds straight. That being said, while the gameplay is minimal & it can be finished in less then 5 minutes it does get surprisingly tense when you’re down to the last few stalls. It’s quite exciting to have a 50/50 chance of freedom. Even if it’s something that can only be played once to get maximum enjoyment out of it.

Stall 3

That issue aside, Which Stall? is actually kind of clever. It deserves props for being completely free to play with no in-app purchase. With only an ad that appears at the end regardless of if you win or lose. That is such a rarity & the kind of clever marketing that makes me want to check out some of the companies other work & maybe sink a few quid into.

It’s not gonna win any awards for originality. Nor will it win anything for offering a lengthy & satisfying experience. However, as one of the many jump scare games that arrived after the success of Five Nights at Freddy’s it stands out from the pack.


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Which Stall?
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