Album Review: Incinery – Hollow Earth Theory (Self Released)

Nottingham Thrashers, Incinery will release their sophomore album ‘Hollow Earth Theory’ (their first since 2014) on the 30th October 2020.

Stalwarts of the UK thrash underground, Incinery have shared the stage with legends of the genre such as Exodus, Hirax, Lawnmower Deth, & Savage Messiah. They have also appeared at major festivals across the UK and Europe including Bloodstock, Download, Damnation’s ‘Night of Salvation’, Hard Rock Hell, Hammerfest and Metal Days (Slovenia) among many others!

Incinery had this to say about the new album:

It’s very exciting for us to get Hollow Earth Theory out there. This is material we’ve been working on for a few years now and it’s definitely all the better for having had the time spent on it. We’re in the fortunate position that guitarist Kenny is a great sound engineer and that’s allowed us to create the exact sound we wanted for the album. We’re all very proud of the end result and feel it’s the best representation of our style to date.

A stark and sharp reminder of just who Incinery are, Hollow Earth is a thrashing manic of an opener. The absolute intense inferno of hyperactive noise that comes forth is an instant hit and tells you all you need to know about this album.

With a virulent drum assault, razor fine riffs and hooks, sinewy bass and ferocity driven vocals, Incinery bring it. Savage Lands and The Less Dead keeping them fires well and truly stoked. In the case of the latter, it’s also nice to hear Incinery really throw caution to the wind with some exceptionally wild guitar work and spurting vocal barbs.

A thumping drum beat introduces the volatile chug that is Forgotten One before its back to the familiar speed with Carrion King. Like someone desperately trying to escape drowning, the churning and thrashing make no difference in the end.

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Sinking, Ellison has some darkness in its grimy rhythm while being unforgiving in just how meaty it sounds. Whereas both Falling Into the Sky and As Above So Below are thrash metal odes in all the right ways. Incinery taking a complete no-nonsense approach and just delivering intense sounds. Thoroughly enjoyable stuff that is unashamedly encouraging.

As the final hill is crested, the thrashers put their foot down for one last push with The Sorrow of the Last, a freakish guitar heavyweight. Beyond the Dawn takes a minute or two to find its feet but ends up delivering a punchy hit of drums and group vocal shouts. Before Terminal Singularity wraps up a very strong return for Incinery with a thrashy crash, bang and wallop.

The UK thrash scene is always better for having the likes of Incinery around and Hollow Earth Theory is proof of that.

Incinery – Hollow Earth Theory Full Track Listing:

1. Hollow Earth
2. Savage Lands
3. The Less Dead
4. Forgotten One
5. Carrion King
6. Ellison
7. Falling Into the Sky
8. As Above So Below
9. The Sorrow of the Last
10. Beyond the Dawn
11. Terminal Singularity


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Incinery - Hollow Earth Theory (Self Released)
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