Horror Movie Review: Brutal Bigfoot (2018)

Brutal Bigfoot is the first feature length film by the Searching for Bigfoot field team. Led by “The Godfather of Bigfoot” Tom Biscardi. They get more than they bargained for when investigating the disappearance of a hiker and the mutilation of a couple deep in the remote Arkansas countryside.

Part found footage, part actual movie…Brutal Bigfoot is not an enjoyable watch at all. Ignore the cover art or the title, there is no Bigfoot in sight. Instead the majority of the film follows Biscardi and his team as they wander forests and dodge shady government agents.

Brutal Bigfoot 2

At times it comes across like we’re watching a poorly made documentary. Members of the public are interviewed and the team investigate the truth behind these supposed Bigfoot killings. Then at other times it enters actual movie territory with a score and everything. Neither is well done and just adds to the confusion of just what you’re watching.

It’s a no-budget flick and it shows. Not just with the filming but the acting. Is anyone actually acting? The dialogue proves to be the last straw. It’s so stilted as no one is capable of speaking naturally.

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While some credit can be given for taking the Bigfoot story into more real territory, it doesn’t make for an enjoyable horror movie. Especially when topless hikers are gutted. The effect here is embarrassingly bad and it suggests the hairy one might actually be involved.

I went into Brutal Bigfoot and not knowing the plans of Bigfoot Project Investments Inc, the company that produced this movie and the following four or the background of Thomas Biscardi. I am now aware that he is a self-proclaimed Bigfoot expert, the Godfather of Bigfoot apparently.

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From the searching for Bigfoot Team website:

The Searching for Bigfoot Team is a Bigfoot sightings and encounters investigation and live capture team. They conduct Bigfoot research, tracking and hunting expeditions across the USA. We investigate and interview Bigfoot encounter reports. When enough evidence has been assembled the Team will survey, explore, analyse, camp out in, stake out and set up cameras and traps in locations where current and past Bigfoot sightings and encounters have occurred. Expeditions go deep into remote wilderness locations to explore places where the creature has been sighted.

Team members include a former Army Ranger, a retired Navy SEAL, a retired Chief Fraud Investigator and thermal imaging expert, and an ex-Marine sniper. Their goal is to prove to the public the creature does exist, and capture Bigfoot.

This same website also includes this quote from Biscardi:

“I was watching Johnny Carson in 1967, and I saw the first 8mm footage that Roger Patterson took of the Bluff Creek finding Bigfoot sighting. I said to myself, ‘How the hell can we send a man to the moon, but we can’t find this creature’.

Maybe Tom, because Bigfoot isn’t real?

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As fascinating as all of this is, perhaps the most fascinating is that Tom Biscardi has been involved in some high-profile hoaxes. These include The Coast 2 Coast hoax in 2005, something that got him kicked out of Great American Bigfoot Organization and the Bigfoot Black Friday hoax in 2008.

Maybe none of this matters to you and you think Bigfoot is real and is just waiting to be caught. That’s fine but don’t fall for what Brutal Bigfoot is offering. It’s a terrible movie that promises plenty and delivers next to nothing.


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