13 Days of Halloween – Horror Short Review: Send in the Clowns (2017)

A first person POV Halloween horror short created by Ryan J Thompson, Send in the Clowns is not a horror for those who have an aversion to the make-up wearing jesters.

It begins with a news report on TV on reports of home invasions by people dressed as clowns. It’s being watched by our main character, us. As previously stated, this short is shot in first-person style which really adds so much to the overall quality.

A load of banging on the windows and door disturbs things before the phone rings in a different room. Going to answer it, the back door is found to be open. Creeped out obviously, a toy repeating “trick or treat” goes off and when approached is jerked out away.

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Closing the door and turning on the backyard light reveals a sinister clown who has written the word ‘smile’ on the fence. The threat to call the police falls on deaf ears and the clown rushes towards the house. Running upstairs to escape seems like a good idea, except this clown is not alone.

You can check out the short below.

It’s very short and there’s not a whole lot of substance to it but what we do get is enjoyable. Creepy clowns, the whole Halloween vibe done well and a really clever style of filming. The latter is the reason to watch it, for sure.


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Send in the Clowns (2017)
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