Album Review: Immortal Sÿnn – Force of Habit (Self Released)

Force of Habit is the upcoming sophomore record from Colorado heavy metal group, Immortal Sÿnn. It is their first full-length album since 2017’s Machine Men. The album is set for release on May 7th, 2021.

Due to guitarist Miguel Ruiz and bassist Andrew Cope’s firing after the band’s 2019 summer tour, almost all of the instrumentation on the record was handled by drummer Axel Berrios and guitarist/founder, Tony Z. New bass player Frantz Pierre and lead guitarist Brad Wagner did not join the band until close to the record’s completion. However, the bass for “Anamnesis” was re-recorded from the single version to include Frantz, and Brad did manage to record solos on “The Ballad of Marvin Heemeyer”, “Nuclear Terror”, “Denver Nights” and “Force of Habit”.

Force of Habit also marks the full-length debut of vocalist Duel Shape, who joined the band in March 2020, and has a style heavily-influenced by bands such as Cinderella, Dangerous Toys, and Mötley Crüe. All members of the band contribute vocal harmonies to this record, and in some cases, perform lead duty, like “The Mailman Song”, where Tony Z takes over as singer.

Leaning towards a more traditional style of heavy metal with thrash influences, Immortal Sÿnn’s power comes from two things. The quality riffs and the awesome vocals. The former gives it such head-banging dominance and the latter makes everything feel so much more epic. It’s the wicked combination of both (with some thumping drums and bass to boot) that makes Anamnesis such a classy start.

Punchy as hell, Fight the Prince keeps things searing and electrifying. Whereas F.U.D.C. is a frantic, galloping slab of chunky metal with a mid-point switch that takes things in a more melodic direction. Surprising but still very interesting.

The Ballad of Marvin Hemmever is not at all what you might expect when you see the word ‘ballad’. As it is a heavier, thrashier and meatier piece of metal. It really gets the neck muscles working overtime though. The Mailman Song is a short and very weird intermission. A bass and guitar medley exploding into a furious blast of noise.

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Before it’s back to head-banging speed with Nuclear Winter, Satan’s Tavern (channelling Guns ‘N Roses here) and Denver Nights. There’s a ton of fun to be had with this trio of tracks as Immortal Sÿnn deliver catchiness and some unusual moments too.

The album then wraps up with the pairing of the energetic groovy heaviness of Force of Habit and the grin-inducing bounce of Whiskey II: The Wrath of Corn. Great stuff.

It’s an album that gets stronger as it goes on. Immortal Sÿnn seemingly growing in confidence and showing there’s so much more to them then just being a good heavy metal band.

Immortal Sÿnn – Force of Habit Full Track Listing:

1. Anamnesis
2. Fight The Prince
3. F.U.D.C.
4. The Ballad of Marvin Heemeyer
5. The Mailman Song
6. Nuclear Terror
7. Satan’s Tavern
8. Denver Nights
9. Force of Habit
10. Whiskey II: The Wrath of Corn


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Immortal Sÿnn - Force of Habit (Self Released)
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