Album Review: Headshrinker – Callous Indifference (Self Released)

For as long as death metal has been around, gore and physical death have maintained their place as topics used ad nauseam. In recent times, the mind and how we are all destroyed from within continues to gain further ground as a more fertile and relatable subject matter to ground death metal within. It’s in this vulnerable and soul-destroying terrain that Colorado-based death metal newcomers Headshrinker draws from to create their stunning debut album, Callous Indifference. Set for release on August 27th, 2021.

Headshrinker comment on the release of Callous Indifference:

This record symbolizes the large struggle I have faced with mental health over the years and is inspired by persevering through dark times and the will/strength to battle through when the outlook is bleakest. Its themes touch upon self-isolation, emotional disconnect, lack of trust, insomniac struggle, and existential crisis but it all left for the listener to interpret on their own term. We all have our ways of dealing with pain, and this record embraces the pain and finds the expression born out of raw emotion. I also hope it paints mental health in light that shows it to be more than its singular stereotype and stigma. We all struggle and only death is real.

A hefty subject matter to tackle, especially when your style of music is undoubtedly death metal. Death metal that leans as far towards the most savage side of things as possible while still having a thrilling amount of head-banging inducing rhythm.

The struggles are real and Callous Indifference is the sound of internal screaming. The voices inside your head doing battle for dominance, the noise is near madness-inducing, and likely to leave you curled up in a ball hoping for it to just end.

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Yes, this is a dark sounding record but it’s open for interpretation. Whereas one person might find it the soundtrack to their lonely misery, another might find it defiant and an open letter to suffering. That is such an awesome thing, especially as this comes from an album that is so focused on the nasty sound of death metal.

Heavy, brutal and ballsy. Headshrinker are aiming to make an impact with this debut and there’s no doubt they do. From the crushing opening track, The Burn of Indifference to the frenzied instrumentation of Immolated Witches, to the techy buzz of the guitars on Wretched Soul and the chilling touches of black metal that permeate throughout Haunted by Your Reflection.

Whatever your mood, Callous Indifference has something to match it.

Headshrinker – Callous Indifference Full Track Listing:

1. The Burn Of Indifference
2. Cadaver’s Mind
3. Immolated Witches
4. Wretched Soul
5. Lost To This Insomnia
6. Haunted By Your Reflection
7. Suffocating Tomb
8. No Lineage Shall Follow


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Headshrinker - Callous Indifference (Self Released)
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