Horror Short Review: Type (2019)

Type is a solid horror short with an effective jump scare but lacks focus as it tries to utilise multiple props to craft its horror. Which is strange, seeing as it’s just a little over 5 minutes long.

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It begins with a phone call, a friend calling a friend to tell them about a nice photography location where they can indulge their passion. We then meet the photographer as she arrives at a dilapidated barn and begins to take some photos.

As she explores, she finds something that really doesn’t belong. A typewriter with a single sheet of white paper loaded. Odd as it is, she snaps a picture and goes to leave. Though is brought back when she notices the picture that she took came out blurry.

As she goes to take another, she notices that a single word is now written on the paper.

Want to find out more? Check it out below. It is a worthwhile watch as it has strong atmosphere and a genuinely good jump scare (maybe even two). Its main issues arise from the confusing focus. We have the typewriter and it’s called Type so the scares should come from there. However, it instead changes to camera and flash-based horror which is scary but really lacks originality.

Which wouldn’t be a problem if Type was doing it really well. Which it isn’t but that doesn’t mean it’s not wholly enjoyable horror.


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Type (2019)
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