Album Review: Greg Rekus – Death and Taxes (Self Released)

After a short hiatus in 2019, Greg Rekus, the Canadian punk artist has re-equipped and levelled up with new record, Death and Taxes. His upcoming album, set to be released on January 8th, boasts thirteen original tracks, taking all of their writing and playing to new levels.

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Armed with an acoustic guitar and punk sensibilities, Greg Rekus brings excitable and catchy tunes with his new album. The immediate vibes of Not Too Late to Change, Time and Check Mate delivering the kind of peppiness that puts a big smile on the face.

Short and punchy, Smart Ones then follows with a frantic showcase of sax and Take A Stand builds on the bouncy energy. Rekus continuing to prove with track after track that he is no slouch when it comes to catchy music.

At the half way point, the smile is still in place especially as it’s hard to ignore the odd bit of ska influence (Not Doing A Good Job) or the jazz bar vibe of the likes of Smoke.

However, a personal favourite is the Dropkick Murphy’s style folk jig of Streams of Whiskey. A track that is soaked in the good times and will have the foot tapping along like crazy.

If the album had ended there, it would have been perfectly fine but happily we get another banger in the form of the mellow No Other Way. The closing track, it’s an apt finale as there really seems like no other way for Rekus to end his new album.

Greg Rekus – Death and Taxes Full Track Listing:

1. Not Too Late to Change
2. Time
3. Check Mate
4. Smart Ones
5. Take A Stand
6. Get Away
7. Cigarettes
8. Not Doing A Good Job
9. Smoke
10. I Don’t Care
11. Streams of Whiskey
12. A Newer Hope
13. No Other Way


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Greg Rekus - Death and Taxes (Self Released)
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