Album Review: Giant Sleep – Ground to the Sky (Czar of Crickets Productions)

On January 27th, 2023, Czar Of Crickets Productions will release ‘Grounded To the Sky’, the new album from progressive/doom/stoner hard rock band, Giant Sleep.

A band that brings an expectation of heady blends of eclectic progressive, stoner, doomy heaviness. An expectation that isn’t just met, but blown out of the water with this new album. Giant Sleep are back and Ground To the Sky is their most intriguing, exhilarating, and eccentric release to date.

You’ll sit in wonder at the immense detail, have the stupidest grin on your face because of the infectious groove, feel the need to head-bang regardless of where you are, and laugh with delight at the perfect way in which all their talents combine to make something so unforgettable.

An hour’s worth of music that flies by in extremely quick fashion. This is a ‘falling down the rabbit hole’ kind of release and Giant Sleep make every second as important as the last, and the next. No wasted energy, no pointless meandering, and no padding. Every piece of this album is necessary, and it doesn’t stop delivering.

It doesn’t matter what the track is. The riffs and hooks are gargantuan, the melodies are infectious, the drums are bone-crunching, the bass is the backbone to the heaviness, and the vocals soar immensely. The amount of talent in this band is staggering.

You might feel like you’ve taken a substance at times, but that’s just part of the fun. Giant Sleep makes the mind feel warm and fuzzy, and as open as an untouched desert plain. It’s both grounded and lofty music, and no one track can be recommended, simply because the whole thing should be experienced. In fact, it must be experienced.

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Giant Sleep – Ground to the Sky (Czar of Crickets Productions)
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