Horror Movie Review: 3rd Night (2017)

3rd Night is an Australian horror film that was directed and written by Adam Graveley, it released in 2017. Meagan & Jonathan are a couple who have just moved into a beautiful yet secluded property situated in the Australian outback. On the 1st night, they receive an ominous letter that reads “On the first night he’ll watch you play, he’ll lust for more and want his wicked way”.

The couple decide to brush the message off as a prank and move on with their lives. However, upon the 2nd night they begin to hear the sounds of somebody else on the property. All the while, Meagan is devastated by the disappearance of her cat who has been missing since they arrived. Also, Jonathan discovers a strange symbol that has been painted in the barn. Not only that but he discovers odd leftovers from previous occupants.

What is going to happen on the 3rd Night?

I haven’t mentioned it until now but 3rd Night opens with a massive spoiler. It shows Meagan being definitively killed. Personally, I wouldn’t have gone with this. I mean, knowing she dies doesn’t make the film more suspenseful. In fact, it’s difficult to invest in characters that you know are not going to make it. Still, there’s finding out how it happens.

You can immediately tell that 3rd Night is a film with low production value. The camera quality is sketchy in places and the cinematography often has an amateurish feel to it. The performances are good all things considered.

The narrative of being stalked by a mysterious presence in the Australian outback is ripe with potential. I don’t know about you but that sounds rather creepy if you ask me. The film does deliver the eeriness in some ways so I give it credit. However, the whole thing feels a bit too straightforward. There are long scenes of rather boring dialogue that mostly go nowhere. Thankfully, the eventual reveal is enjoyable. Still, it doesn’t do the greatest job at explaining why any of it is happening in the first place. Also, there is a level of predictability due to few if any alternatives.

Overall, 3rd Night is a decent little horror film that won’t leave you feeling unsatisfied. However, it likely won’t have any lasting effect either.

3rd Night
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