Album Review: Organic – Carved in Flesh (Testimony Records)

Carved in Flesh is the debut full-length of South Tyrol based Death Metallers Organic! Formed in 2013, the band released their first EP ‘Death Battalion’ in 2014 and constantly performed live over the years, before starting to work on Carved In Flesh. The album will be released on CD, Tape, limited LP including 2 bonustracks (100 x transparent blood red, 200 x black) and in digital versions via Testimony Records on November 16th 2018.

Organic 2

Organic like making noise…a lot of noise. Steeped in an old-school death metal sound but with a more modern approach to the production. Carved in Flesh is 11 track (2 bonus) of gut-churning, mind-melting death metal heaviness.

Suffocate in Blood, Shrouded in Darkness, Frozen Meat Medal…there is no doubting the intensity and ferocity of Organic in the opening few tracks. This is an album that pulls no punches and isn’t looking to mess with the death metal formula in any real way. It’s just a solid slab of heaviness built on raging riffs, crashing drums and dirty guttural vocals. Fans of this sound will feel right at home.

Highlights come in the form of Macabre Rites, a track that turns up the brutal heaviness to another level. As well as the raging torrent of abusive nastiness that is the title track and From Beyond’s guitar ferocity. It just effortless noise, enjoyable as hell.

Organic 1

Organic – Carved in Flesh Full Track Listing:

1. Suffocate In Blood
2. Shrouded In Darkness
3. Frozen Meat Medal
4. Macabre Rites
5. Der Fotzenknecht
6. I, Soulless
7. Carved In Flesh
8. Carnal Absolution (Behind The Altar)
9. From Beyond
10. Death Battalion (Bonus Track)
11. The Result Is To Collapse (Bonus Track)

You can order the album via Testimony Records on Big Cartel and Bandcamp. Find out more and keep up to date with news by liking Organic’s Facebook Page.

Organic - Carved in Flesh (Testimony Records)
  • The Final Score - 7/10
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