Album Review: Schavot – Kronieken uit de nevel (Void Wanderer Productions / War Productions)

Schavot (Scaffold) is a black metal project from The Netherlands, founded by multi-instrumentalist Floris. Kronieken uit de nevel (Chronicles From the Fog) is the project’s second full-length album and will be released on January 27th, 2023, via Void Wanderer Productions and War Productions.

Dark, atmospheric, and extremely cold. Schavot’s new record is an experience of both old and new. On the one hand, it draws influence from the classic viciousness of the genre but, on the other, is also profoundly weighted towards a melodic style. The layers, giving it an overtly epic feel, yet icy and chilling, none the less.

With a strong sense of otherworldliness, the opening track of Onmens lays the black atmosphere on thickly. A thrilling first track, Schavot lets icy tendrils of death coil around the soul while blasting the mind into deep and dark heavy depths.

This is then followed by a series of intense blackened numbers. Geestenrijk, Heksenwaan, Hijs de zeilen, Zwart water, and Kerberos. Each showcasing blisteringly fast blackened heaviness, unpredictable atmospheric storms, and an unrelenting focus on delivering a strong balance of both. Something that is certainly achieved as each track resonates strongly.

The pinnacle of Schavot’s sound is then reached with Niet alleen de avond valt. Where a lengthier trawl into the cold atmospheric depths leaves the mind feeling numb. A track that flirts more with a post-black metal sound and leaves a strong feeling of elation once it ends.

Then, finally, it’s De laatste dans gedanst, where heart-wrenching melody transitions into one of the most frenzied sounding tracks on the entire album.

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Schavot - Kronieken uit de nevel (Void Wanderer Productions / War Productions)
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