Album Review: Franck Racket – Screaming Skull (Forbidden Place Records)

Between Punk energy and Noise Rock creativity, Franck Racket blast a direct and liberating sound! Their new album, Screaming Skull is out now.

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An unconventional listen, Frank Racket play an alternative style of rock that crosses over a large land of different styles. From the opening pop-punky beat of Lost and Found, albeit one with a bit more crudeness in it to the catchy groove of Fight Back or the exaggerated power of Mass Extinctions hardcore-esqe effort.

A consistence in punk energy keeps this album feeling a little bit wilder and dare we say…grotty. In the sense that it sounds like it is meant to be played live in a dingy basement bar where punk rockers sweat and head-bang away.

Then there is the bassy Rage Against the Machine-like Tuff Lov that is out to cause as much noise as possible. Or the way in which Plastic Souls gets under the skin demanding you shake your ass to it’s punk good-vibes. Finally we have the odd one out of the album, Vicious Circles which is a slow-tempo, slightly moody and melodic finish. Decent enough even if it really doesn’t fit within what we’ve heard so far.

Racket is an apt title for a band that certainly knows how to make one.

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Frank Racket – Screaming Skull Full Track Listing:

1. Lost And Found
2. Artificial Intelligence
3. Fight Back
4. Mass Extinction
5. Dog Eat Dog
6. Tuff Luv
7. Sick Sad World
8. Self Slavery
9. Plastic Souls
10. Vicious Circles



The album is available via all major streaming services including Bandcamp here. Check out their videos on YouTube and find out more via their website, Facebook Page and Instagram.


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Franck Racket - Screaming Skull (Forbidden Place Records)
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