Album Review: Estertor – Tales From The Ancient Grave (War Anthem Records)

Composed of veteran musicians of the Catalan death/doom/black metal scene, Estertor was formed in 2016, releasing their debut album ‘Buried in Morningside’, a year later. Now War Anthem Records presents their sophomore album, ‘Tales from The Ancient Grave’.

An album of old-school death metal mixed with thrash, that pays tribute to classic horror movies from the 70s and 80s, is just the sort of thing you know you’re going to love even before you’ve heard a note.

Pure morbid horror thrash, unsophisticated heaviness with a treacherous tone… there’s a guttural glee coming from Estertor. That enjoyment for the horror they’re bestowing upon listeners translates to gratitude from hungry death and thrash fans.

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It’s not just about the harsh heaviness, the razor-sharp cuts or demonically charged growling though. Estertor provide an album of refinement. Death and thrash assimilated, twisted, and perfected, ready to be unleashed into the world.

Expect screams of terror, blubbering moans of suffering and cries of the damned. This is the horror that wakes you up in the middle of the night, slick with sweat. You’re going to be scared of the nightmares Estertor create but you might find yourself loving them too.

Estertor – Tales from The Ancient Grave Full Track Listing:

1. Assimilating Flesh
2. Venereal Horror
3. Nocturnal Strigoi
4. The Torch That Corrupted the Earth
5. Blood for Sheetar
6. Repugnant Face of Death
7. Tales From The Ancient Grave
8. Worship The Black Goat
9. Keeper Of Hell


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Estertor - Tales From The Ancient Grave (War Anthem Records)
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