Album Review: Servant – Blessed By The Light Of A Thousand Star (MDD Records)

Blessed By the Light of a Thousand Stars is the debut full-length by the German black metal band Servant. The album is scheduled to be released on November 26th, 2021 via MDD Records.

The 9 tracks are not only inspired by modern Satanism, but also by the human emotional world and the longings associated with it. The longing for death, the desire for transience, elevation of the self, as well as the search for the meaning of life with the help of various religious and occult teachings are just a few examples to describe the approach of the lyrical part.

A relaxed and warm guitar melody is what greets on Negate the I but don’t be fooled… it’s there to lull you into a false sense of security. Servant are a black metal band and they arrive with all their might in an explosion of frantic savagery. It’s old-school brutality but with modern senses, the noise they create has a delectable clarity and there are layered atmospheres. Think along the lines of Dimmu Borgir, Immortal and latter Emperor.

Something that becomes more prominent as the album goes on. Where the worship of fierce riffs and pounding drums is what makes Death Meditation and The Ultimate Occult Worship a pair of savage, evil and black heavyweight bangers. Servant aid the darkness and spread the wickedness far and wide in the most appealing way possible.

Highlighted by the melodic chill that emanates from Foreshadowing Rite. An oppressive chance to take a breath before the viciousness returns with even more potency on the frenzied Hymn to the Latest Days and Incantation of the Old Ones. The latter, loud and fierce enough to stir shadowy and primeval things.

Though the danger that bleeds from the guitars in Destruction and Recreation might be the most hellish thing. The old-school heavy metal thunder mixed with those scowling and scathing vocals makes for a unique sound this late in the album’s run-time.

It’s almost over but Servant have saved the best for last with one of the most atmospherically sinister sounding tracks so far in Ecclesia Obscuri. Whereas the title track again tries to lull you with melody before Servant unleash hell.

A phenomenal black metal release. This is a debut album!? Wow.

Servant – Blessed by the Light of a Thousand Stars Full Track Listing:

1. Negate the I
2. Death Meditation
3. The Ultimate Occult Worship
4. Foreshadowing Rite
5. Hymn to the Latest Days
6. Incantation of the Old Ones
7. Destruction and Recreation
8. Ecclesia Obscuri
9. Blessed by the Light of a Thousand Stars


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Servant - Blessed By The Light Of A Thousand Star (MDD Records)
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