Album Review: Electric Hydra – Electric Hydra (Majestic Mountain Records)

Formed on the windswept West Coast of Sweden, amid the dark forests of Småland, Electric Hydra – formed by Sanne Karlsson, Ellinor Andersson, Jonathan Möller and Jonny Petterson – first met on an impromptu night in late 2017. In doing so they discovered a connection; a newfound friendship through a shared of Kyuss, Fu Manchu, Entombed and Black Sabbath, and decided to book a rehearsal room the very next morning.

Known for delivering high energy shows, the band has played live at Sweden Rock Festival and Malmöfestivalen; toured Europe and shared stages with Lucifer, Monolord, Truckfighters and Greenleaf, among many others.

With Dennis Åhman being brought in to replace Petterson on drums, work on their debut began in early 2020 and continued throughout the COVID-19 pandemic at Shimmer Studios, Studio BO and Welfare Studios. Further reinforced with new recruits in Peter Söderberg and At the Gates/Bombs of Hades’ Jonas Stålhammar (following the departure of Jonathan Möller) the quintet is keen to prove exactly why they are considered one of the most exciting new acts on the Swedish rock scene.

Electric Hydra’s self-titled debut album is released on the 27th November on Majestic Mountain Records/Tee Pee Records.

What a start it is for Electric Hydra with the aptly titled, It Comes Alive. Apt because the band literally jump around like a corpse on strings. It’s a blazing hard rocking and heavy opener, capped off by a wickedly infectious chorus.

Following that manic energy is no easy task but Won’t Go To War (With Myself) is well and truly up for giving it a go. Slamming the deep guitar riffs and chunky drum beat down hard on the soft bits. Blackened Eyes brings a bit more sleaze to the party, whereas Grab What’s Yours and Iron Lung is dark and slower but not lacking in the chunky heavy department. The latter is doom-levels of grinding weight on the mind but it is so damn enjoyable.

Which is what this debut is overall. A thoroughly enjoyable hard rock/metal album that encourages wild bouts of head-banging and body-shaking throughout.

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There’s plenty more to come though as the groovier hits are back with The Betrayal, an excellent track, 1000 Lies with its blast of guitars and the thumping head-banger that is End of Days. Electric Hydra going from strength to strength and showing off just enough variety to keep things fresh.

It does all culminate in the most frantic and in turn, most blood-pumping of efforts in Rebel. If you had been mentally flagging at this stage, the injection here will get you moving once again. Before the absolute blast of heavy metal that is Rise from Below puts the cherry on top of this kick-ass cake.

Electric Hydra – Electric Hydra Full Track Listing:

1. It Comes Alive
2. Won´t Go To War (With Myself)
3. Blackened Eyes
4. Grab What’s Yours
5. Iron Lung
6. The Betrayal
7. 1000 Lies
8. End Of Days
9. Rebel
10. Rise From Below


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Electric Hydra - Electric Hydra (Majestic Mountain Records)
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