Album Review: Within The Ruins – Black Heart (eOne)

For more than a decade, Within the Ruins have reigned among the elite of modern death metal, injecting the angsty attack of thrash and the attitude of hardcore punk, while mining the best of deathcore. Audiences quickly grew to understand that Within the Ruins overlap into several extreme subgenres without limitations from any of them.

The determination and skill evident across their six studio albums and three EPs are outmatched only by their devastating live presence, seen on tours with groups like Killswitch Engage, Black Dahlia Murder, Suicide Silence, and As I Lay Dying.

Now, with a new vocalist in Steve Tinnon, Within the Ruins return with a Black Heart. Released on November 27th via eOne.

The undisputed kings of crossover metal are back and raring to go. Showcasing their brutality, technical abilities and melodic instrumentation on the forceful opener, Domination. An apt title as Within the Ruins stamp down hard on the fingers of those looking to sneak on to their raised platform.

With the same rampant fire burning through their veins, we get even more devastation in the form of Deliverance and Black Heart. Where the instruments aren’t as much played as they are wielded like weapons. The insanity of what is going on with the guitar is enough alone before you consider the bass, drums and absolutely scathing vocals. Combined we get these tracks and what follows.

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Open Wounds’ ferocity that digs into the ribcage of death metal and pulls out its still beating heart for all to see. Eighty Sixed’s smash-mouth metal rhythm and super-technical guitar playing. Devil in Me’s stompy hardcore-esque vehemence and clean chorus. Hollow’s gut-ripping, head-tearing barbarity and Outsider’s detailed, complex and unrelenting meat metal goodness.

Each track flies by in a blur of energetic and manic noise with unbelievable technical flair and melodic touches that give it some extra drama. It’s this latter portion that makes RCKLSS such an epic sounding and darkness covered explosion. An album highlight and the perfect end of the scale for the frenzied Ataxia V to wrap things up. A spell-binding psychopathic finale that is madness running amok and a classy way for Within the Ruins to pull the curtain down on Black Heart.

Within the Ruins – Black Heart Full Track Listing:

1. Domination
2. Deliverance
3. Black Heart
4. Open Wounds
5. Eighty Sixed
6. Devil in Me
7. Hollow
8. Outsider
10. Ataxia V


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Within The Ruins - Black Heart (eOne)
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