Album Review: Divinity – The Immortalist (Self Released)

The Immortalist is the third full length release from Calgary, AB heavy metal band, Divinity & will be available worldwide on May 26th 2017. Divinity planned a trilogy concept series of EPs with The Immortalist, Part 1 – Awestruck & The Immortalist, Part 2 – Momentum previously released.

Upon completion of The Immortalist, Part 3 – Conqueror the band decided to put all three of the EPs together, remix & remaster them all & release them as one full album. This is The Immortalist.

Divinity 1

If you like you metal hard, fast & heavy then The Immortalist is for you. Super-fast paced with furious sounding riffs & vocals, this is an album that gets in your face from the moment Manhunt begins & only steps back when then final notes of Conqueror play out. That’s 68 minutes of pure noise assault.

Manhunt, Atlas, Hallowed Earth…there’s some serious hard hitting groove in the first few songs. D.M.T. offers a bit more of a melodic edge to proceedings & stands out thanks to Bjorn ‘Speed’ Strid of Soilwork on vocals as well as some hard-hitting guitars.

If there are any real complaints about The Immortalist it’s that some of the cleaner vocals just blend into the background. No real conviction or excitement in them at all.

PsyWar, The Dead Speak From Beyond, Lucid Creator & The Reckoning all suffer from this. Certainly not bad songs, they just don’t stick in the mind as much as others. It’s the more ‘balls out’ & intense heavy metal tracks that are the most ear-pleasing.

Songs like Distorted Mesh, All Seeing Eyes & Momentum absolutely wreck the place with unbridled fury, filled with so much groove & hooks that you’ll be playing these tracks for months.

Divinity have done a great job of combing three EPs together to make a coherent & very listenable album. It’s a little too long & loses momentum a few times but the end result is still a slamming piece of hard & heavy metal.

Divinity 2

Divinity – The Immortalist Full Track Listing:

1. Manhunt
2. Atlas
3. Hallowed Earth
4. D.M.T.
5. PsyWar
6. Distorted Mesh
7. The Dead Speak From Beyond
8. Lucid Creator
9. The Reckoning
10. All Seeing Eyes
11. Momentum
12. Conqueror

You can pick up some of Divinity’s music over on Bandcamp, through their official website & via Apple Music below. Check out the band over on Facebook, Twitter, MySpace, Soundcloud & YouTube

Divinity - The Immortalist (Self Released)
  • The Final Score - 7.5/10
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