Horror Movie Review: Outpost (2008)

Outpost opens in a seedy, rough looking bar where a scientist (Julian Wadham) is hiring a group of mercenaries led by D.C (Ray Stevenson). The group of rough, war & battle hardened men are made up of Prior (Richard Brake), Jordon (Paul Blair), Cotter (Enoch Frost), Voytech (Julian Rivett), McKay (Michael Smiley) and Taktarov (Brett Fancy).

Outpost 2

The scientist, Hunt, wants them to protect him as they travel through a war-torn country on route to an old military bunker. The reasons are vague at best but money talks for these men so they agree to take the mission.

Arriving at the bunker they make the surprise discovery that it was a secret Nazi facility where thy experimented on men in an attempt to create an invincible army. Amongst the bodies they find a survivor, a man who either refuses or can’t speak.

Outpost 3

Shortly afterwards the group come under attack from unseen foes. D.C is suspicious of Hunt’s actual intentions & ends up discovering that the Nazi’s plan was successful…sort of.

A group of Nazi soldiers surround the bunker, unable to die but unable to leave. This is because of their need to be in close proximity to the machine that gives them eternal life. The whole reason the mercenaries are there is so Hunt can recover the machine, something the undead Nazi’s won’t allow.

Outpost 4

Outpost has a real gritty feel about it. The dirty & cold locations, the battle-harden characters & the Nazi experimentation all add to an overall feel of oppression. The group of men are all very competent actors with Ray Stevenson & Richard Brake standing out from the crowd. The characters are not exactly original & a bit clichéd at times but their motivations are simple & small nods to their past missions add layers.

Outpost 5

Outposts problems lie in its bare-bones story, there really isn’t a lot going on here & it doesn’t capture the imagination as much as it should. The immortal Nazi soldiers are confusing, one minute seeming to have amazing stealth & strength, the other lumbering around like a group of shambling zombies.

The plot is very predictable & it’s disappointing that a few too many characters are killed off screen only showing the viewer the aftermath.

Outpost 6

The ending is lacking in impact & the sequel bait final scene (there are two sequels) doesn’t feel earned. If it wasn’t for the dark, grittiness & good acting there wouldn’t be much to recommend at all here.


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