Album Review: The Dissident Youth – The Dissident Youth (Self Released)

The debut self-titled album from UK based metal band, The Dissident Youth was released on September 30th 2017.

Dissident 1

Kicking off with pace & riffs, My Apocalypse introduces The Dissident Youth by slamming your face into the wall. Ferocious but catchy rhythmic riffs alongside intense death metal style vocals, The Dissident Youth mean business.

The same level of intensity, the same level of bone-crunching but rhythmic metal is continued throughout the absolutely slamming, circle-pit inducing, The Sniper. It’s quickly followed by the hyper-riffing of The Cruelty, a track that changes things up by having a clean-vocal chorus. Something that comes as a surprise but one that is very welcome. It fits so damn well, really lifting the song from good to great.

The same clean vocals mixing with the throat-ripping death metal style is also present in More Than Money, Citizen #1 & Bury the Giant, a trio of tracks that have a really interesting disjointed sound to them. A combo of the heaviest tracks on the entire album, thanks in part to the drumming, they also give off a proggy style that will put you in the mind of the likes of Mastodon.

It’s at this stage the realisation sinks in that The Dissident Youth are something pretty special. The album is delivering hard & heavy intensity but has plenty of imaginative elements that make it stand out as more than just another heavy metal release.

If any more convincing is needed, House of Greed’s groovy rhythm will do that, arguably the most accessible track of the album. A near perfect slice of metal comes to a close with the double header of the body-shaking Watch & the non-stop brutality of Conflict.

This self-titled release from The Dissident Youth is so satisfying. An album that doesn’t confine itself to one area of metal resulting in a very complete sounding record.

Dissident 2

The Dissident Youth – The Dissident Youth Full Track Listing:

1. My Apocalypse
2. The Sniper
3. The Cruelty
4. More Than Money
5. Citizen #1
6. Bury the Giant
7. House of Greed
8. Watch
9. Conflict

You can pick up the album over on Spotify, Google Play, Amazon below and preview & pick up via Apple Music above. Check out The Dissident Youth over on Facebook, Twitter & YouTube.

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The Dissident Youth - The Dissident Youth (Self Released)
  • The Final Score - 9.5/10
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