Album Review: Green Lung – This Heathen Land (Nuclear Blast)

The UKs finest purveyors of occult rock, Green Lung, will release their highly-anticipated third album ‘This Heathen Land’ on November 3rd, 2023, via Nuclear Blast Records.

Having blown up in recent times, the pressure is on for Green Lung now, but you wouldn’t know based off their relaxed approach to genre-blending on this new album. This Heathen Land is a developed Green Lung, expanding on their lovable occult rock sound with doom, classic rock, and NWOBHM influences.

Although they certainly ease listeners in with the Prologue and The Forest Church, showcasing their inimitable, dynamic occultism blended with dramatic rock style in memorable fashion. It’s very much a Green Lung start, even though it does have elements that will become more prevalent as the record goes on. The highlight is the frenetic guitar soloing that comes right at the end.

It’s something a bit catchier with the foot-tapping head-banger that is Mountain Throne. Where Green Lung lean into their groovier side, while still sounding wonderfully occult, thanks to the layering of different sonic elements. This is where you start to get some of those NWOBHM flavours. Before Maxine (Witch Queen) adds some exciting sleazy touches, the sense of smoky darkness is strong here, and the tempo proves to be quite danceable.

Then along comes the doomy, horror-synth-laden beast that is One for the Sorrow to change the tone significantly. No-one needs reminding that Green Lung have this side to them, and no one will be complaining as this is a spectacular effort. Doom at its most beautiful sounding, Green Lung bury their way into the brain, and with a track this strong, there is no dislodging them.

Expectations well and truly met, and the album has only just passed the halfway point. Green Lung have reached an impossible high already, yet, they still have so much to offer. First, with the haunting and folkish melodies of Songs of the Stones, a track that ends in really sinister fashion. Then with the heavy turn that comes from the excitable groove of The Ancient Ways, a track with one of the album’s best choruses. Two quite different, but equally pleasing examples of Green Lung’s enviable talents.

Finally, to cap off an incredible release, it’s the pairing of Hunters in the Sky and Oceans of Time. Where the former has Green Lung proudly showcasing their heavy metal tastes and delivering a banger that feels both classic and modern in equal measures. It really doesn’t get more NWOBHM than this as far as Green Lung goes and it is great. While the latter is a daring explosion of Green Lung’s occult rock sound, downright beautiful at times, poignant and powerful, groovy and grandstanding, it is another exceptional effort.

The dominance of Green Lung continues, This Heathen Land is another slice of brilliance.

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Green Lung – This Heathen Land Track Listing:

1. Prologue
2. The Forest Church
3. Mountain Throne
4. Maxine (Witch Queen)
5. One for Sorrow
6. Songs of The Stones
7. The Ancient Ways
8. Hunters in The Sky
9. Oceans of Time


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Green Lung – This Heathen Land (Nuclear Blast)
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