Album Review: Dustland Express – The Question, Sir, is Why? (Self Released)

The Question, Sir, is Why? is the new album from experimental hard rock South African band, Dustland Express released in August of this year.

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Rock, soft rock, pop-rock, hard rock, experimental rock…whatever you want to call Dustland Express the important word is rock. The other really important thing is that The Question, Sir, is Why? is a bloody damn great album.

Voyage of Men will put the biggest smile on your face with its rocking beat, catchy as hell melody & wickedly good vocal harmonies. As opening songs go, it absolutely kills it making you so excited to hear what comes next.

It doesn’t let you down.

The up-tempo, harder rhythm but still brilliantly melodic catchiness of The Poetic Injustice of Rats, the bouncing oddity that is the title track, the powerful & emotionally capturing ballad that is Empire of Dreams/#Heisenberg & the rocking beat of The Solution. It’s track after track of just quality music.

One of the most impressive thing about Dustland Express is how well they combine rocking riffs & melodies with more emotive sounds. Be it beautiful vocal harmonies or a piano. Every time they’re introduced it adds so much more memorability to a great album.

It’s such feel good music that is filled with so much imagination! Look at a track like, Take the Devil for a Spin. Its twisted lyrics alongside brilliant harmonies & hard rock rhythm is out of this world. It’s with genuine sadness that The Question, Sir, is Why? comes to a close after ten tracks with Apocalypse.

Not that the song itself is a disappointment. Far from it, finishing things off with some fist-punching riffs & grin-inducing effects.

A truly stunning album that is simply so unique & clever but also incredibly catchy & fun. It leaves you feeling ten-feet tall. How impressive is that? One of the best albums of the year.

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Dustland Express – The Question, Sir, is Why? Full Track Listing:

1. Voyage of Men
2. The Poetic Injustice of Rats
3. Flight of the Meek
4. The Question, Sir, is Why?
5. Empire of Dreams / #Heisenberg
6. The Solution
7. Nemesis
8. Take the Devil For a Spin
9. Don’t Say Goodbye, Scott
10. Apocalypse

Make sure you pick up The Question, Sir, is Why? via Apple Music above, via Spotify, via Deezer, via Bandcamp & via Amazon below. Find out much more about Dustland Express via their website here, Facebook, Instagram & YouTube.

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Dustland Express - The Question, Sir, is Why? (Self Released)
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