EP Review: Mutant Thoughts – Is This Me? (Self Released)

Bristol-based, alternative Synth-Rock trio Mutant Thoughts has just released their new EP ‘Is This Me?’ on the 7th of September 2017.

Mutant Thoughts 2

If synth bassy rock with psychedelic sounds & soft vocal harmonies aren’t your thing then you’re likely to struggle with Is This Me? Certainly offering a unique sound, the oddities of the effects mixed with some genuinely uplifting bass lines & sweet sounding vocals is far better than it might sound on paper.

Boasting no guitars but utilising a deep & throbbing bass sound, the title track goes far in convincing you of the quality of the EP. The psychedelic effects are ramped up for the short & sinister, What Do You See? Before Chaos and Entropy really lays down the groove-layered bass line but is kind of spoiled by the high-pitched vocal effects.

The penultimate track, Alone is the highlight of the EP. A gorgeous piano melody that switches to synth while keeping the same beat all with mournful vocals. It connects emotionally & really shows off the unique talents of Mutant Thoughts.

Is This Me? wraps up with an off-kilter drum & bass beat, spacey effect & the beautiful vocal harmonies we’ve come to expect. While not managing to top what we heard with Alone, it’s still a momentous effort that showcases how synth, bass & drums can go so well together.

Mutant Thoughts 1

Mutant Thoughts – Is This Me? Full Track Listing:

1. Is This Me?
2. What Do You See?
3. Chaos and Entropy
4. Trying to Make Sense
5. Alone
6. Adaptation

The EP can be picked up over on Bandcamp & you can find out more about the band on their website, Facebook & Twitter.


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Mutant Thoughts - Is This Me? (Self Released)
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