Album Review: Der Rote Milan – Moritat (Unholy Conspiracy Deathwork)

Moritat is the second full-length album by German black metal band Der Rote Milan, which tells local stories based on real events during a thirty-year war that took place during the 17th century. A central character is the historical figure Schinderhannes, an outlaw considered by some to be the German Robin Hood. These stories, which take place in the southwestern Germany’s Hunsrück region, are connected to the present through themes of freedom, fear, and fighting oneself in the face of death.

Out on February 1st 2019, Moritat will be released via Unholy Conspiracy Deathwork as an A5 digipack CD and limited-edition vinyl.

Moritat 2

Moritat is a great album. It really is. However, there’s something that happens a lot that is unfortunately a bit distracting and that are the drums. They often sound like they’re being played on a load of buckets and overshadow the pure, unbridled rage of the riffs and vocals. It’s a shame because as I already said, this is a great album that blends the old and new schools of black metal perfectly. It’s a little bit Dark Funeral, a little bit Behemoth and a little bit of everything in between.

Drohende Schatten is one of the finest black metal tracks heard this year, when the bucket drumming aren’t present. I don’t get it because Gnosis der Vergänglichkeit keeps things way more restrained in that department and it is far better for it. The roars and screeches in perfect harmony with the evil guitar rhythm.

Der letzte Galgen is evil personified but has this extra edge that gives it a nightmarish feel while Der Findling rhythmic heaviness eats away at the soul. Brilliant stuff and it’s sad that before you know it, we’ve reached the final track. Happily though, the title track is 12+ minutes long and sees Der Rote Milan throw their all into delivering a bone-crunching finale.

Moritat 1

Der Rote Milan – Moritat Full Track Listing:

1. Die Habsucht
2. Drohende Schatten
3. Gnosis der Vergänglichkeit
4. Der letzte Galgen
5. Der Findling
6. Moritat



You can order the album via Bandcamp here and find out more over on Facebook.

Der Rote Milan - Moritat (Unholy Conspiracy Deathwork)
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