Album Review: Kluizenaer – Ein Abbild Der Leere (Wolves Of Hades/Breath:Sun.:Bone:Blood:.Records)

German black metal recluses Kluizenaer will release their brand new full-length album, Ein Abbild Der Leere on February 18th, 2022 via Wolves of Hades and Blood:Sun.:Bone:Blood:. Records.

Don’t be confused by the fact that this album only has four tracks. It is a gargantuan release that comes in just short of 40 minutes.

Beginning with troubling and dark sounding atmosphere, Verewigung takes a while to get going but builds plenty of dread. When it does erupt, it’s a cacophony of raw and brash black metal. A beastly feeding frenzy that sees much blood and guts spilled. Switching up the tempo midway to drag things into guttural and mood-altering depths, this is black metal but one dredged from the darkest of pits. You’ll feel completely spent after only one track.

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There’s so much more to come though as Es Verbrennt Sich comes screaming and roaring out of hell. The instant gratification of a blistering wall of noise is appealing if you like your music on the extreme side. However, dirty and atmospheric instrumentation with a dark malaise make this more than just a careening blast of noise.

The shortest track on the album is Ölgötze at a little over 4 minutes and is all about chilling atmosphere. Serving as a gloomy intro to the incredible finale of Stylit. A track that is nearly 14 minutes long and delivers a frenetic display of black metal horror and heaviness. Savage isn’t the word… it’s like Satan came up from hell to scream in your face.

Of course, there’s so much more to this track as well and the sudden but thrilling descent to a more methodical, bludgeoning beat layered with bleakness is one of the best moments on the entire album. Later, a complete drop into lighter melody is equally as impressive too. It’s stuff like this that makes this such an excellent album overall.

Black metal brilliance.

Kluizenaer – Ein Abbild Der Leere Full Track Listing:

1. Verewigung
2. Es Verbrennt Sich
3. Ölgötze
4. Stylit


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Kluizenaer - Ein Abbild Der Leere (Wolves Of Hades/Breath:Sun.:Bone:Blood:.Records)
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