Album Review – 666 Pack by Insanity Alert (Season of Mist)

Austrian crossover thrashers, Insanity Alert, have released their brand new album called 666 Pack. It was released on the 25th of January via Season of Mist.

Insanity Alert formed in 2011, releasing their debut EP, Second Opinion, in 2013 and their debut full length, the self titled Insanity Alert, in 2014. 666 Pack is the band’s 3rd full length. It follows their most recent, 2016’s Moshburger. Insanity Alert are a 4 piece with names reflecting their comedic take on things. We have, on guitars and choreography, The Dave Of Death. Don Melanzani is on drums and percussion. Heavy Kevy looks after vocals and propaganda while MC Brownnose is on the bass.

One of the first things I noticed on 666 Pack was that there were 21 songs on it. I then noticed it was only 32 minutes long in total. From that alone you kind of get the picture. You understand what sort/style of music Insanity Alert are bringing. Short, thrashy blasts of crossover chaos is what springs to mind upon seeing that. That can sometimes also mean cheesy, occasionally silly songs designed to not be taken too seriously. Insanity Alert show a surprising amount of depth on 666 Pack though, at least some of the time. Never fear though, beer drinking party goers, there is plenty of messing around too.

666 Pack

One of the important things when you are just messing around on some songs is too make them funny, or for them to have a point and not all of them really do. When they work though, they are great. One example of it working is on their 6 second long ode called The Ballad of Slayer. One quick bash of their famous Raining Blood riff, a shout of “We’re Dead”, and we are done. I love Slayer but it made me laugh how they managed to sum Slayer up in 6 seconds. Other ones don’t work so well, like 8 Bit Brutality which is basically some rubbish chip tune music that lasts for 7 seconds. Their 7 second nod to Mc Hammer, Stop…Slammertime is pointless but so short it is over before you have to worry about pressing skip.

Their take on the Bee Gees Saturday Night Fever, Saturday Grind Fever is a fun listen and different enough you can almost forget the painful original. Other less enjoyably songs include Windmilli Vanilli. It has a decent riff but nothing else going for it. Death by Wrecking Ball is a bit flat too. Again it has an alright riff and solid drumming but doesn’t stand up against the better songs on 666 Toxpack.

Away from all the silliness though there are some cracking songs. Songs filled with raucous energy and chaotic fun. The album starts with an orchestra of beer cans being opened before hitting us with a minute of chunky riffs and quick drum blasts in Thirstkiller. Their love of beer shows through again on the excellent, if not stupidly titled, Why So Beerious?. With lines like “devoted to the liquid gold” it is far from a serious song but has a strong groove and a wicked little solo buried within the relentless speed of the drums and the quick vocal delivery.


The Body of Christ is the Parasite has a vicious riff and vocal delivery with slower, pounding drums and would also make a good Ballad of Slayer. Echoes of Death starts with a slamming rhythm before descending into siren like guitar squeals. It’s one of my favourite tracks. Mosh Mosh Mosh is a short 45 second long blast with a catchy rhythm. Demons Get Out sees them go all black metal for a bit with guttural growls and dark tones making up the chorus and loose, thrashing verses.

666 pack is jam packed full of variety and creativity. Mainly though it is just a damn fun album to listen to. Yes there is some weak stuff on here and yes there is a lot of silliness. Look closer though and there is also even more top quality metal. Metal with attitude. Metal to get drunk too, get in the pit and let loose to. Insanity Alert claim Municipal Waste as one of their main inspirations and that certainly comes through. Municipal Waste would be proud. 666 Pack is a damn fine album.

666 Pack is available on all the usual streaming services now. You can also grab a physical copy on cd and vinyl at their Bandcamp page or at Season of Mist here. Check out Insanity Alert on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram by following the links.


666 Pack by Insanity Alert (Season of Mist)
  • The Final Score - 8.5/10
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