Album Review: Deeds Of Flesh – Nucleus (Unique Leader Records)

Technical death metal pioneers Deeds of Flesh return after a seven-year hiatus with their 9th studio album Nucleus, set for release via Unique Leader Records on 11th December 2020 (Vinyl release 15th January 2021).

The band’s first release since the tragic passing of guitarist / vocalist and Unique Leader founder Erik Lindmark, who lost a battle with sclerosis in 2018, Nucleus features guest performances some of the biggest names in extreme metal to celebrate his life and contribution to metal. Vocalist Jacoby Kingston is joined by:

• Luc Lemay (Gorguts)
• John Gallagher (Dying Fetus)
• George “Corpsegrinder” Fisher (Cannibal Corpse)
• Frank Mullen (Suffocation)
• Matti Way (Submerged, ex Disgorge)
• Bill Robinson (Decrepit Birth)
• Dusty Boisjolie (Severed Savior, Illuminegra)
• Anthony Trapani (Odious Mortem, Severed Savior),
• Obie Flett (Pathology)
• Robbe Kok (Disavowed)
• Jon Zig (Serpentian)

This album is the completion of a story that began with Of What’s to Come (2008) and ran through Portals to Canaan (2013).

So much has gone into making this album and it’s a fitting tribute to a fallen metal brother. With a veritable whose who of extreme metal aboard, there’s almost no way in could be anything less than stellar.

An epic build, one that reflects on the destruction of the planet a long time ago, Odyssey shapes what is to come. A blistering assault of extreme metal power, Alyen Scourge brings the blast beats, ripping riffs and techy flourishes with some vigour. Before the first set of guests make their presence known on the tumultuous noise of Ascension Vortex and the substantial weightiness of Luc Lemay’s performance on Catacombs of the Monolith. If you’re not already a dribbling wreck by this stage, more power to you.

Few will be able to sustain that strength in the face of Ethereal Ancestors where George “Corpsegrinder” Fisher makes his very commanding presence well and truly felt. His guttural vocals work in tandem with the scorching pace of the guitars and drums to leave most feeling frazzled.

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No rest for the weary though as the title track brings the same level of blood-boiling ferociousness in all aspects. Races Conjoined ups the ante with concentrated spurts of fiercely pummelling drums and callous guitar embellishments. Before the penultimate offering of Terror sends the mind spiralling into a descent of madness, brought on by the sheer obscenities of extreme that crawls towards you.

It’s as good as anyone could have hoped, especially in a year that has seen the extreme side of metal delivering quality releases after quality releases. Add this one to the pile though as it closes with a short but powerful outro called Onward.


Deeds of Flesh – Nucleus Full Track Listing:

1. Odyssey
2. Alyen Scourge
3. Ascension Vortex (Feat: Decrepit Bill, Obie Flett, Anthony Trapani)
4. Catacombs of the Monolith (Feat: Luc Lemay)
5. Ethereal Ancestors (Feat: George “Corpsegrinder” Fisher)
6. Nucleus (Feat: John Gallagher)
7. Races Conjoined (Feat: Matti Way, Frank Mullen and Jon Zig)
8. Terror (Feat: Dusty Boisjolie, Robbe Kok)
9. Onward


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Deeds Of Flesh - Nucleus (Unique Leader Records)
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