Album Review: Vulgar Dissection – Buried and Forgotten (Self Released)

Vulgar Dissection’s debut album “Buried and Forgotten” sets out to solidify their place in the underground death metal scene. The album represents the band’s enthusiasm for death metal, incorporating inspiration from bands such as Cannibal Corpse and Suffocation.

Buried and Forgotten will be released on December 5th 2020.



Vulgar… a fitting use of the word as this is a band who display the vulgarities of death metal in all its gory, vomit inducing splendour. Trawling from the filthiest cesspools of the sound, this debut is as repulsive as it gets while being irrefutably savage with a ton of technical prowess.

Vulgar Dissection immediately dig deep into the grave of old-school death to reveal the rotting remains and throwing them in a blender with a pinch of their own style to craft the title track. The guttural slush that comes out is something many will want to taste. Careful you don’t choke on the chunkiness of Ritualistic Mutilation though. The thick and greasy guitars, feverish percussion and abhorrent vocals tough to swallow.

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Whereas we delve into evil and violent ways with Victim of Your Own Perverted Ways and Sodomised Cannibalised. Vulgar Dissection wielding the razor-sharp riffs that slice skin from flesh and the hooks that tear flesh from bone. The blood doesn’t so much drip as it does pour and those screeches aren’t coming from a guitar, rather the victims of Vulgar Dissection.

Keeping things surprisingly varied, Devoured’s fascinating jagged guitar approach is akin to having a serrated knife cut through the body. Force Fed the Flesh of the Dead is one of those tasteful no-nonsense assaults of brutality, Bruises of Strangulation has the grubbiest of breakdowns and Femur Breaker is the horrifying snap that accompanies a fall in a Vulgar Dissection pit.

If the slurry that was drunk at the start hasn’t got you bent over a toilet begging for forgiveness, the finale of Corpsefucker will do the job. That’s blood and guts coming up.

Vulgar Dissection – Buried and Forgotten Full Track Listing:

1. Buried and Forgotten
2. Ritualistic Mutilation
3. Victim of Your Own Perverted Ways
4. Sodomised Cannibalised
5. Devoured
6. Force Fed the Flesh of the Dead
7. Bruises of Strangulation
8. Femur Breaker
9. Corpsefucker


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Vulgar Dissection - Buried and Forgotten (Self Released)
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