Album Review: Decay – Staring At The Sun (Fox Records)

Liverpool post-hardcore band Decay are very pleased to announce they will release their debut full length album, Staring At The Sun, on 10th July 2020 via all good digital service providers, with the record also available on vinyl via Fox Records.

A rhythmic and catchy beat introduces Decay’s debut with the title track. An opener that is unashamedly rock with a rich set of vocals and light post-guitar twangs. It’s a solid if not exactly exciting start.

September 27th and Empty Feelings are an improvement with a fair bit more meat to the bones. The hefty percussion, the groovy bass lines, varied riffing and heartfelt vocals showcasing strong modern post-hardcore efforts.

It’s a welcome change of pace with Ache. The punkier pace and passionate eruption of instruments and vocals doing wonders. Even a melodic drop doesn’t dent the feeling that this is Decay giving it their all. One of the best tracks on the album.

Looking to calm things down, Feel Better’s verses are very morose but complimented by a powerful chorus. Hold On doubles down on the dejection but is perhaps lacking a little bit of bite at this stage. No such problems with Misery though which bursts with renewed life from the first note and doesn’t stumble for even a moment. Another very strong effort from Decay.

The drawn out ending to that leads into the short and atmospheric Endless Silence. Before Decay re-ups the rock energy for a fiery Comfortable and the emotive 23 sees things out in darkly touching style.

Decay – Staring At the Sun Full Track Listing:

1. Staring At the Sun
2. September 27th
3. Empty Feelings
4. Ache
5. Feel Better
6. Hold On
7. Misery
8. Endless Silence
9. Comfortable
10. 23


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Decay - Staring At The Sun (Fox Records)
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